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Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • J Smith - Coventry

    Most enjoyable day.

    Thanks to everyone involved.

  • E.M. Betts - Coventry

    Very interesting day.

    The staff are extremely knowledgeable and helpful and patient.

  • G Bedford - Coventry

    Excellent day out, staff very good, Store very well laid out, good variety.

    Thank you

  • G Randle - Coventry

    Lovely day. Everyone made us very welcome. Great store - would definitely come again.

  • W Rosseli - Coventry

    Most enjoyable day.

    Staff very pleasant and friendly (and the chips were gorgeous).

  • P Sanders - Coventry

    I has a very nice day. the ladies were very informative and friendly. The time just flew by.

    Thank you

  • J Langdon - Coventry

    Very enjoyable day. Staff were friendly and very helpful.

  • J Robey - Coventry

    Wonderful day. Staff very friendly and lovely store.

  • Mrs Robinson - Coventry

    Great day out!

    Helpful staff.  good food and refreshments. Excellent variety of goods, can furnish a house, everything for the housewife (and husband).

  • Mrs Warren - Coventry

    An excellent day, Both activities well paced and extremely enjoyable. Staff were excellent - professional and friendly. lovely shop. I've bought today and will definitely return again.

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