Monthly Archives: September 2016

  • Mrs Ashby - Coventry

    Thanks to everyone. Most enjoyable day.

  • A Suffolk - Coventry

    Really enjoyed the experience, well organised, staff very knowledgeable and very helpful.

  • B Loveday - Coventry

    Most enjoyable.

    Thank you for a good day out.

  • S Briddick - Coventry

    Wonderful ladies day.

    interesting, fun and enjoyable.

    Thank you

  • J Parsons - Coventry

    Very enjoyable day. Plenty of variety of goods for sale, excellent lunch, helpful staff.

  • P Treer - Coventry

    Very good

  • A Bond - Coventry

    Was completely taken aback at the choice within store - had no idea it was as big or had such quality items.

    Ladies day was very enjoyable, the activities were helpful to identify range of goods.

    Lunch was lovely as were the staff overseeing our day,

    Thank you

  • M Corley - Coventry

    A most interesting day. The staff were so kind and hospitable and we had a lovely day. I was very impressed with all the various departments and the high quality of the goods. I shall definitely come back again.

  • N Marshall - Coventry

    We have had a really lovely day in your store. the staff were so helpful. the choice of goods is so good you can do all of your shop in one store. The food was great.

  • J Piper - Coventry

    Clean, staff are very friendly, really enjoyed.

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