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  • Spring Trends at Leekes

    Spring is the season of renewal so is the perfect time to reinvigorate your home using the latest trends. If the sudden sunshine has inspired you to revive your interior you'll find everything you need at Leekes. Spring welcomes a wealth of new colours, from the returning sunshine to fresh blooms and so is the ideal time to inject some colour into your home. If you aren't one to shy away from the Bold and Bright - then this trend will be perfect for you. Vibrant hues and a paradise feel will be popular…

  • National Bed Month

    Get a good night's sleep from Leekes It's March, which means it's National Bed Month! (We can't believe it's March already either) An entire month dedicated to all things sleep. We all know that sleep is vital to our health and plays a pivotal role in our mood, attention span, and even memory. New research shows that beds as little as seven years, although they look in reasonable condition, may not be giving you the level of support and comfort they should be. If you struggle to nod off at…

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