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A Veganuary January

ith the new year often comes the new years resolution to get healthy. Whether it's sharpening up on your cooking skills, or hitting the gym more often, we all look to make changes to improve our lifestyle. This January there's an increasing focus on 'Veganuary'. To those who are yet to here of this craze, it's a challenge to go vegan for the month of January.

Why Veganuary?

Animal Welfare - For many, it's the love and care for animals that encourage people to go vegan or decide to try out a vegan lifestyle. Animals are able to feel pain and happiness in the same way we do. And the production of food and clothing can cause them to suffer in many ways.

Environment - There is an intense focus to care for our planet, and going vegan can make a big difference to the environment. Animal agriculture creates around 50% of the global green house emissions. With rain forests being destroyed every day to provide land for animals to graze, it has a negative impact on our environment, and going vegan greatly reduces this.

Health -  Health is one of the main reasons people decide to go vegan. A vegan lifestyle can lower your blood pressure, and reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Nutrition - Being vegan often ensures that you are getting all the right nutrients to fuel your body. A vegan diet is highly plant based and involves consuming plenty of fruit, veg, salad, nuts, seeds and pulses. So not only are you helping the environment, you are promoting a healthier diet and lifestyle.

Why Not? - The reasons for trying a vegan lifestyle are endless. From the few points previously mentioned it's clear that there are many health and environmental benefits to encourage you to go vegan. Even if you don't feel ready to sacrifice some of your favourite foods for good, take on the challenge and try a vegan month.

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At Leekes we're going Vegan 

Our Bathroom Accessories Buyer has been busy at the Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt exploring the Vossen Vegan range. We will shortly be stocking Vegan Life Towels, combining an urban, timeless design with a responsible use of natural resources. The collection is 100% vegan and therefore a contribution to a better world. Delivering a stylish colour story and an extraordinary softness that is both gentle to this skin and gentle to nature. Keep your eye out for the Vossen Vegan range which is set to hit our stores and website in early spring.


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