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BBQ Technology with Weber

With so many types of barbeque out there, with different ranges of technology, it can be difficult to know which one to go for.  Weber has a whole range of barbeques, so whether you are a bbq professional or a complete newbie, read on to find the right one for you.



Charcoal barbeques are normally seen as the traditional and cheaper option to cook your food. The charcoal gives a lovely smokey flavour, as long as you leave the lid on! Rule number one from Weber is to cook with the lid down. As well as containing the flavour, keeping the lid closed allows you to maintain the temperature.

Cooking with charcoal doesn't limit you to one heat and power setting. Using the vents can change how the heat travels through the barbeque. You can grill, roast or do a bit of both, depending on what you are cooking.

For a simple grill, Weber recommends opening the lid and barbeque vents and placing the grill directly above the hot coals. This way the heat travels upwards and your food is cooked in the traditional grilled fashion.

For a roast or a bake, try opening lid and bowls vents. Add charcoal each side of the charcoal grate and add a little water to a drip tray in between the charcoal. Above this, place the cooking tray. The heat will circulate around the barbeque allowing food that takes longer to cook evenly.

If you are cooking chicken you can use a bit of both of these techniques. Set up your charcoal bbq with hot coals one side and a drip tray with water on the other and a grate over the top. Cooking the meat over the direct heat first will sear it and then you can slide it over to the drip tray to cook through more slowly. Alternatively, this allows you to cook different foods at the same time with different techniques. SmokeyMountainCooker_Lifestyle


Gas barbeques offer a quicker alternative to charcoal with just a push of a button. Sometimes it can limit you with manoeuvrability but they are a great staple if you love hosting garden and summer parties. While the dials and buttons may be off-putting to some, they are super easy to use.  As with charcoal barbeques, Weber recommends cooking with the lid closed. This way no heat is lost and your food will cook quicker. Adjusting the amount of gas going through the bbq as well as adjusting the heat settings will allow you to create the ideal temperature for whatever you are cooking.

The Genesis II E-310 GBS, as well as others from the Gas range, are compatible with the Weber iGrill 3 app. This makes bbq cooking even easier. The thermometer app can be used with most iPhone and Android phones. The app can track the temperature of up to 4 cuts of meat at a time and will notify you when it has reached optimum temperature. This will guarantee perfect cooking each time and all disasters can be avoided.

Weber Genesis II E-310 GBS, Black_left angle (1)



You don't have to miss out on having a barbeque if you have limited outdoor space. An electric bbq is here to solve all your problems; as long as you have access to a plug you are good to go. Electric barbeques are ideal for balconies or smaller gardens.

Preparation is simple; plug in to a socket and turn the controller to high for about 25 minutes, allowing the bbq to heat up (with the lid on). You are now ready to start grilling as normal. Weber recommends using a temperature probe to make sure your food is fully cooked. The Pulse 1000 is also compatible with the iGrill 3 app so you can focus on entertaining and cooking at the same time.



Now that you are armed with all this information you are ready to start BBQing.

Still unsure? Head over to our buying guide for more information on the types of bbq available.




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