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Champagne and Canapés

Entertain your friends and family by serving champagne and canapés before tucking into your feast.

The key is to make sure that every guest has a glass of champagne in hand on arrival. Ensure that you impress by serving your bubbly in fun and whimsical glasses.




1. Each champagne has its personal recommended temperature for serving, but chilling your bottles for up to three hours in the fridge will ensure that you pour the perfect champagne.
2. Plan ahead and pour your champagne just before your guests arrive to avoid being the host that's chasing their own tail instead of enjoying the party.
3. Guests are happier when they have a glass of cold champagne in hand, so make sure you chill your bottles in a cooler.

Canapés are the perfect one bite of deliciousness that’s sure to kick your evening off to a fabulous start. At Leekes, we know the importance of quality and presentation, so make sure you serve up your canapés in the beautiful heart shaped Slate Serve Platter or the Artesa Slate Serving Platter to elevate your delicious creations.

The key is to not over complicate the variety of canapés you serve, but to set the tone for what your nearest and dearest can expect from the upcoming feast that awaits them. We recommend keeping it simple yet sophisticated with smoked salmon blinis, cured meats and cheeses layered on top of mini crostini, dates stuffed with goats cheese and parma harm delicately wrapped around chopped figs or honeydew melon.




1. Presentation is important with canapes as you eat with your eyes as much as with your mouth. At Leekes, we've got you covered with the fabulous Two Tier Serving Set that lets you elegantly serve up your creations.
2. Avoid spending hours in the kitchen and rustle up the canapes in advance. This way you'll have more times to entertain your guests.
3. One type of canape per tray looks neater and has a greater impact than cramming together too many selections.  Our wooden Acaia Serving Board will perfectly showcase your delicious creations for your guests to indulge on.
4. Sprinkle some fresh herbs or loose flower petals around your canape trays to add more interest.

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