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December Garden To Do’s

As we head into December, the number of sunlight hours are reduced therefore the time spent in your garden are now more important than ever. Here is our list of to do’s to ensure you make the most of your time outdoors for the month of December.

Clean it
Keeping your garden clean can help prevent any accidents as well as keeping unwanted guests, such as slugs and snails at bay. Clear away leaves and debris and remove grime and slime from decking, patios and drives.


Treat it
Now is the time to repair and treat any timber that you may have in your garden - from sheds, gates and fences. The cold wet weather can cause havoc for wood so prevent rotting by nipping the issue in the bud early on.

Store it
Gardening tools such as lawn mowers, probably won’t be needed for a few months. If you want to ensure that yours is still in good condition for spring, you will need to store it away. Give everything a good wash before wiping linseed oil over any wood and metal areas before storing away in a weather proof shed or garage to prevent rusting.

Sow it
Given the right conditions you can begin sewing vegetables in winter for a bountiful spring harvest. This month try sowing broad beans, garlic, onions and lettuce.

Grow it
Soft fruit such as currents and berries can be planted during the month of December, ready for cakes and crumbles later in the year.

Harvest it
Get ready for Christmas Dinner with root vegetables like leeks, parsnips, broccoli and the iconic Brussels sprouts all of which can be harvested during December.


Reuse it
Any old crops can be added to your compost heap ready for next year.

Fill it
These winter months prove difficult for birds and other wildlife. Keep your seeder topped up to help them through.

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