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Dulux Colour of the Year

The colour experts at Dulux have revealed their new colour of the year - 'Spiced Honey'. A colour that reflects the new positive mood of the moment, Spiced Honey is a warm amber tone that gains it's inspiration from the beauty and versatility of honey itself. Depending on the accessories you decide to team it with, the colour can offer a soothing and calm atmosphere or a cosy vibrant feel.

The shade has been deemed 'Truly Versatile' as it can be paired with a variety of different colours to achieve a unique look, depending on what vibe you're looking to create in your home. In the image below, it demonstrates a relaxed sense of sophistication to a contemporary living space. Create a mood that reflects your lifestyle, with it's elegant golden tone, it can inspire a new sense of warmth in any room.


Spiced Honey can be paired with soft pastels which means if you're one to follow trends, you don't need to fully revamp your home to incorporate the colour with your current theme. Pastel coloured accessories is a trend that we won't be leaving behind in 2018, so injecting some spiced honey into your home will be a simple step. The colour is a friendly, trusted insight into what fashionable homes across the UK will be wearing. Taking its base notes from earthy ochre, it also nods to mid-century modern deep neutrals, that work really well with muted greys and soft pinks for a laidback chic atmosphere.


The colour of the year can be both calming and nourishing depending on the hues and light surrounding it. A timeless shade that delivers sophisticated elements, lending itself to a broad spectrum of life and interior styles. We think it looks very inviting in the kitchen image displayed below - bringing a relaxed sense of sophistication to a contemporary kitchen.


Spiced Honey ties in perfectly with our 2019 trend 'Warm Neutrals' offering an array of neutral colours combined with warm coppers and rich brown tones. When teamed with subtle hints of soft lavender and blush pinks it can really create a soothing harmony in your home. It also ties in quite nicely with our 'Industrial Chic' trend which aims to bring together contrasting materials like wood and metal to create a raw style. The industrial materials used in this trend work really well with honey hues, so you'll be sure to cover all angles of interior trends with this colour.



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