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Green is our favourite colour 🌍💚

Green is our favourite colour, this Earth day and everyday! At Leekes, we are passionate about working towards a greener future, making a positive and sustainable impact on the planet. Our commitment to sustainability is now more important than ever, and we have pursued initiatives that are smart for our business and good for the environment. It is important for us as a business to continuously look for ways to minimise our impact on the planet and to develop our green strategies.

The theme for Earth Day 2022 is 'Invest In Our Planet'. So, what are we doing to help our planet?

Reducing waste


• Leekes have a partnership with the British Heart Foundation, offering free furniture disposal and a charitable donation.

• Waste segregation across the Central Warehouse and all stores.

• We are a certified zero to landfill waste provider.

• We have reduced the amount of paper advertising.

• We have replaced bubble wrap and all other internal plastic packaging with new Eco Wrap. This provides environmentally sustainable protection and gives a very positive customer experience, it is mono-material and can be disposed of with the box in the same recycling channel.


Changing our packaging


1200x1200 - green is our favourite colour2


• Paper void fill in online packaging.

• All balloons are now biodegradable.

• We have paper click & collect packaging.

• No plastic carrier bags in stores.


Reducing our carbon footprint




• We have reduced our carbon footprint and CO2 emission levels with 25% of the car fleet converted to electric vehicles.

• Our new HGV vehicles and vans meet the current criteria for cities across the UK.


Energy efficient




• In September 2021, solar panels were installed on our Melksham store.

• The Leekes Retail and Leisure Group is enrolled in the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. We survey all of our properties on a regular basis to identify areas of investment that can help us reduce our energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. Completed projects have included migration to LED lighting, replacing inefficient heating and cooling systems with more efficient technology, investments in improved insulation, the implementation of building energy management systems to automate energy savings.


What's planned for the near future?


• Use of unbranded boxes to give us more options for efficient replenishment. The purchase of boxes has proven difficult over the last 16 months and so this will allow us to source more cost effective packaging options.

• Review more cost effective, efficient and compliant waste solutions across the group.

• Replace plastic tape and fragile tape with a new paper option. A water activated tape machine is also an option and this can be introduced to the Warehouse as it’s tamper resistant, quicker than hand application and less wastage.


Energy efficiency

• Site audit to review energy efficiencies across Head Office - ROI criteria to ensure that cost controls are still in place whilst we reduce our carbon footprint.

• In addition to solar panels, our aim is for Melksham to have fully green energy

• Review of Cross Hands heating - looking at greener alternatives to gas oil.

• The Group is actively reviewing its fleet of vehicles investing in a number of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

• Where the Group undertakes development works to our properties, we look to make further investment in energy saving technologies, as an example we have plans to introduce solar PV to a number of sites in the immediate future.


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