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How To Improve Your Kerb Appeal

If you have your heart set on making some home improvements this summer, the exterior is a great place to start. First impressions are everything, and what your home looks like from the outside could say a lot about what it may look like on the inside. It's also particularly important if you're looking to sell your property as you only get one chance to make a first impression on potential buyers. But sprucing up your exterior needn’t be hard work with a few helpful tips from us at Leekes. Read on to see how you can best improve your home's exterior.

Top Tips

Keep It Green


Adding some greenery to your exterior is an easy and inexpensive way to create a warm welcome. First impressions count! If you have a lawn ensure it is kept trimmed and tidy. For homes without a front garden adding hanging baskets or window boxes is a great way to add some colour to the front of your home. These can change seasonally to keep your home looking lovely.

Refresh Your Door

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As one of the first things you and your visitors see, having an bright and beautiful front door is a great way to make a lasting impression. Opt for an eye catching colour that accentuates the rest of your home for a modern look. Achieve this look by painting your current door with outdoor paint or if your current door has had it’s day, investing in a statement door will add personality and kerb appeal  whilst also improving security.

Light The Way


There is nothing inviting about a dark house especially now the nights are getting shorter. Outdoor lighting instantly makes the space appear more welcoming and homely. Get creative with your lighting with a range of options available from string lights to lanterns to illuminate your walk way. Lining a driveway or path, or simply adding a wall light by your front door will immediately change the ambience and make your house look loved and inviting.

Spruce up

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Dirt can often gather in outdoor areas without us even noticing, especially with all the rain we have. Using a pressure washer to remove grime from any patios, decking, outdoor furniture and even your windows is an easy way to instantly make your home look lighter and brighter.


With these handy tips your home will be looking fresh and bright in no time

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