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How to improve your workspace for a happier mindset

International Week of Happiness at Work - September 2021

Whether you are working from home or in the office, improving and revamping your working environment can make you even more productive. Your workplace is your home away from home, and we spend a lot of time in these surroundings that seems to determine our moods throughout the day. The amount of light in the room and the colour of your home office walls can influence your mood and minor improvements can make a big difference. For International Week of Happiness at Work, we have come up with some ideas to improve your home or work office.


Repaint your home office with lighter colours 

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Painting your office walls delivers an almost instant transformation. Embracing calming colours such as blue and soft grey can increase your focus whilst light pink or green shades can increase creativity. If you are combining your office space with your living space, warm neutrals are great options and create a relaxing atmosphere for you to get your head down and concentrate. If painting in your workplace isn’t an option, add pops of colour on your own workspace with desk accessories such as stationery pots, small ornaments, a calendar or a photo frame.


Introduce some plants

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Leafy green plants have been credited with a number of health benefits in humans, including improving our memories and our ability to concentrate. If you’re looking for an easy way to brighten your mood and your workspace, adding plants helps to oxygenate the room as well as being relaxing and adding vibrancy. Using artificial house plants is also a great alternative and will add personality to your workspace, but you will lose some of the natural benefits.


 Create a relaxing atmosphere

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Add a subtle diffuser or candle to your home office desk to transport you somewhere relaxing. Candles are known for their healing properties and they can improve your mood and help you get into a more productive mindset. Depending on your workplace’s regulations, adding a strong scented candle to your desk is great as it won’t need to be lit to enjoy the scent.

Consider thicker curtains in your home office to block out glaring sunlight and potential troublesome outside noise. If you work on a laptop, consider a laptop desk to save space in your office and to avoid placing it on your lap.


 Stay organised

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We’re all guilty of a clutter pile up in our workspaces from time to time, but perhaps the design of our workspace contributes to the clutter. Being able to find what you need quickly is a boost to anyone’s productivity. Contain filing storage, trays, and baskets in your desk drawers for an organised workspace.



Now it’s time to bring comfort and happiness into your workspace. We spend a lot of time in our workspace and it’s important to create a space that makes us feel comfortable and to bring out our most productive selves.

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