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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

With the promise of snow in the air, it seems that everyone in the country is longing for a snow day (or two). We are all aware of the chaos snowfall can cause, make sure you aren’t left in the cold this season by being prepared!

We have compiled our list of hints and tips to keep you and your home moving this winter:

1. Stock up the kitchen - We are all too familiar with the supermarket sweep the night before snow is forecast, but keeping your family well fed will require more than bread and milk! Opt for belly warming meals like stews instead. Delicious and hearty, stews can be made from any meat and veg that you have lying around the kitchen and can be popped into the freezer for another day!

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2. Winter proof your home - Preparing your home before the snow hits is the best way to prevent a major issue later down the line. Read our blog on how you can weather your home this winter.

3. Keep warm  - During this time it can be difficult to keep your home warm so make sure you have additional heaters or firewood at the ready. Don’t forget your neighbours - invite them over to share the warmth, especially those who live alone.

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4. Keep it clear - Keeping paths and roads clear is important for minimising accidents. Keep snow shovels in your home and in the boot of your car in case of emergencies. Prevent any slips with rock salts - perfect for paths drives and steps.

5. Get your car ready for the cold - Freezing temperatures can really take their toll on your car. Get your car a winter service, and keep your boot supplied with anti-freeze, de-icer and screen wash so they are to hand whenever needed. Also pack plenty of blankets, a hi vis and spare coat in to your boot in the event of a breakdown.

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