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Must haves for The Perfect Roast

Don't let the stress and chaos of preparing for the biggest dinner of the year beat you. Here’s our round up of how to pull off the perfect roast this Christmas.

The Perfect Roast Potatoes
If you are going all out for the classic roast potatoes, make sure you carefully peel your spuds with our Y-Shaped Peeler from Joseph Joseph. Thanks to its high quality stainless steel blade and easy grip handles, you'll have perfectly peeled spuds ready to roast.  At Leekes, we value high quality products, so our Rectangular Bake Tin from Le Crueset is perfect to ensure that your spuds are roasted to perfection. Just bear in mind that they need to be taken out of the oven fresh and hot, so make sure you plan your timings around your spuds and use the Salter Blumental Dual Timer to ensure that everything's running smoothly.
Stuck on what fat to use? Goose or duck fat are perfect for turkey roasties.


741758_l(1)642435_l(1)The Perfect Gravy
Once you’ve removed the turkey out of the oven, move the turkey to one side and cover loosely with a large sheet of foil to keep warm for at least 15 minutes, this way you can use all it’s tasty drippings for gravy making. Perfect!
A gravy separator is an indispensable bit of kit when you’re making the perfect gravy. Try our Kitchencraft Gravy/Fat Separator to ensure that you remove any fat to avoid leaving a greasy feeling in your mouth. To elevate the festive mood, strain into a warm gravy Portmeirion The Holly and The Ivy gravy boat and stand.

The Perfect Stuffing
They’re a Christmas classic, so make sure you add that all important finishing festive touch to your dinner by making your own delicious homemade stuffing. The Pyrex Bowl gives you plenty of space to mix the flavours of your stuffing together. Stuffing freezes well so try preparing it in advance to avoid chaos on the day. Why not jazz up your homemade stuffing by scattering chopped chestnuts for that ultimate crunch?

The Perfect Brussels Sprouts
Love them or hate them, a traditional Christmas lunch will not be complete without Brussels Sprouts. Try something a little different this year and roast your chopped sprouts in a drizzle of olive oil and thin slices of bacon for 25 minutes in a 180° oven. Generously spread the sprouts across the rectangular tray from Le Creuset and intensify the flavour by adding a pinch of shredded sage leaves for all the family to enjoy.

Charred Sprouts and Chorizo Stew Portrait f11

The Perfect Parsnips
Gently roast your parsnips in two teaspoons of olive oil and add a tablespoon of butter, as the natural sugars in the butter will give a subtle caramel taste. The spacey Meyer Prestige roast and bake tray allows you to roast a larger portion.

The Perfect Yorkshire Pudding
To save yourself some time, prepare the batter a day in advance.  This way, you can just give the puddings a quick 5-10 minutes in the oven after you've taken everything else out.

The Perfect Cranberry Sauce
Last but not least, we have the cranberry sauce. If you usually serve shop bought, this year we really encourage you to freshly prepare some at home. Classic, delicious and easy, follow our recipe to whip up the perfect cranberry sauce. Our top tip is to make the sauce a few days ahead to really let the flavours mix well.

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