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National Bed Month

A Good Night's Sleep from Leekes

It's National Bed Month! A whole month dedicated to getting a good night's sleep and Leekes want to help! We all know that sleep is vital to your health, playing a pivotal role in our mood, attention span and memory. Did you know almost a third of brits are simply not getting enough sleep?



New research shows that beds as little as seven years although look in reasonable condition may not be giving you the level of support and comfort they should be, so if you struggle to nod off at night or wake still feeling fatigued then it may be worth considering updating your bed. At Leekes you'll find everything you need, from complete divan sets, to bed frames, mattresses and coordinating bedroom furniture, to help you get a great night's sleep. But choosing the perfect bed is no easy task - here are some of our tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your mattress.

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 When considering a new bed the first thing to establish is what size you want? What size is your current bed? How does this fit within your room? Do you have enough space during the night? The most common cause of disturbed sleep is lack of space in the bed - therefore bigger really is better. Get the biggest bed that works for your space and budget, after all we spend an average of 26 years in bed so the right bed should be a priority.

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 Share a bed? it is important that both of you are involved in the buying process. Each individuals sleeping pattern is completely unique and so what is comfortable for you may not be for your partner. Lie on the bed separately and together to ensure that the bed has plenty of space for the both of you and that the mattress firmness is correct. Adopt a try before you buy method. Lie on your potential bed for at least 15 minutes in a variety of positions, including your usual sleeping position to get an idea of the comfort it provides.

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