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National Bed Month

Get a good night's sleep from Leekes

It's March, which means it's National Bed Month! (We can't believe it's March already either)

An entire month dedicated to all things sleep. We all know that sleep is vital to our health and plays a pivotal role in our mood, attention span, and even memory.

New research shows that beds as little as seven years, although they look in reasonable condition, may not be giving you the level of support and comfort they should be. If you struggle to nod off at night or wake still feeling fatigued then it may be worth considering a bed or mattress refresh.  At Leekes you'll find the perfect bed to help you get a full and restful night's sleep. Our range includes everything from complete divan sets, to bed frames, mattresses, and coordinating bedroom furniture plus when our stores are open we have bed experts to help you make the right choice of bed for you.

To help to guide you through bed selection and sleep tips, we have enlisted the help of our resident bed expert, Jayne Maluka.

Top tips and what to consider when choosing your new bed837474_1lPictured: Casa St Ives bed frame

 1. What size do you need?

When considering a new bed the first thing to establish is what size you want. Factors like how tall you are and whether you share your bed will impact the best choice of bed for you. Also, consider the space you have in your bedroom as well as your budget. "Whilst a larger bed might seem like the perfect choice as you have more space to sleep, restricting the area around your bed can also impact your sleep by prohibiting your ability to relax," advises Jayne. Our bed buying guide has information on all standard sizes of UK beds and should help you decide which size bed best suits your needs. "We always recommend that if you are going to be sharing your bed, it is important to choose your new bed together, and ensure that it is comfortable for both to sleep in," remarks Jayne.

2.  Make the most of your space with under bed storage

Ottoman beds are a great choice if you have limited storage available in your bedroom or also if you have a lot of "stuff". Tempur offer a wide selection of ottoman beds available. There is also the option of the more traditional underbed storage in the form of drawers in your divan base. "Divan bases can be customised with the number of drawers you need. These are great if you have plenty of space around your bed to pull the drawers out. If space is at a premium, the convenience of an ottoman bed means you can easily access under the bed as it lifts vertically to reveal the storage space"


Pictured: Tempur Harrington ottoman bed

3. Choose the right mattress for your bed type

Choosing the right mattress for your bed is vitally important, after all this is what we are sleeping on for several hours each night. Spring mattresses are great for spring beds whilst slatted beds are better suited to a foam mattress. "We would always advise buying a new bed and mattress at the same time. This is because a new mattress won't last as long if placed on an older bed." Read our mattress buying guide for more information.

4. Make sure it looks good

Functional doesn't need to mean unsightly. You can still create a style statement with the right mattress or bed. We have a wide selection of bed frames and statement headboards that you can add to almost any bed or mattress.


Jayne's sleep tips for a better night's sleep

Now that you've chosen your perfect bed, it's time to find out what else we can do to support a better night's sleep.

1. Switch off all devices at least an hour before sleep to ensure that you are fully relaxed. If you still struggle to sleep, try listening to a calming podcast or reading a book in low light.

2. Make sure you don't eat too late at night. A full stomach often means you will struggle to drift off.

3. Get some fresh air. Don't underestimate the importance of fresh air for your health and wellbeing. Trust us, even a short walk will help you sleep more soundly.

4. Get into a routine. Find a nighttime routine that suits you, try sticking to certain hours to create a pattern that your body will adjust to.

5. Make sure you have a suitable pillow to sleep on and ensure that the temperature of your bedroom suits how you like to sleep. Remember different seasons call for different tog duvets.

Meet The Team

9153-1-020 (1)

Name: Jayne Muluka

Role: Furniture Buying Controller & Bed Expert

Service: 9 Years

About: Jayne has worked in the furniture trade for the last 14 years having previously worked for the largest non-food buying group in the UK. Jayne's passion has always been for products and she loves to develop exclusive ranges with suppliers for Leekes.

What I love about Leekes: "Being able to develop new ranges for the Leekes customer and seeing them sell well"

Favourite Leekes product: "At the moment it would be the Wool Origins collection from Hypnos, with traceable fillings and are an eco-friendly mattress. Certified by accredited initiatives such as the Better Cotton Initiative, the Forestry Stewardship Council, Global Recycled Standard, and Red Tractor Food and Farming Standards"

The next big thing: "At the moment we are seeing more customers looking for storage solutions, people spending more time at home having time to sort stuff out and ottomans are selling well,  both bedframe ottomans and divan ottoman sets."

For more inspiration follow us on Instagram @leekesltd. Use the #loveleekes to have your Leekes purchased shared by us.

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