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Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Your garden or outdoor space doesn't have to be abandoned when the sun goes down. By adding clever lighting solutions to the exterior of your home you can make the most of your outside space.

There are plenty of ways and spaces where you can place outdoor lighting, from your house exterior walls to the trees and anywhere in between.

Here we offer you the best ways to illuminate your garden to make it an extension of your home.


Wall lights

The easiest way to light up your garden is to invest in outdoor wall lights. Placing wall lights by your front door or on the back walls of your house will illuminate the surrounding spaces and create a warming ambience. Whether they are for practical or decorative reasons they are sure to make your garden useable all hours of the day.

We particularly love this Garden Trading St Ives Ships Light which will bring a nautical theme to your garden.
The silver finish will suit all style of home and will add a modern vintage touch.


We also love this more traditional style New Orleans wall light from Searchlight in antique brass. The traditional style of this light is perfect for framing your porch or lighting up your patio. It will look super stylish wherever you choose to place it.











Whatever your style or taste, adding a wall light is an easy way to bring light to the outdoors and illuminate the surround of your house. What's better, is they can be used all year round whatever the weather.

Decorative Lighting

Outdoor lighting doesn't just have to be for practical reasons. Adding decorative lighting can really add character and ambience to your outdoor space. There are so many creative ways you can do this such as

  • Fairy or Festoon Lights
  • Lanterns
  • Ornamental Lights
  • Clear Jars with Tealights

The best thing about these options is that you can add as many or as little as you want to create your perfect space, just how you want it. These options are ideal if you are having a garden party or just a relaxing evening outside. Top Tip: the colour of the bulb or glass can really change the ambience. Bright white lights are elegant, warmer softer lights are cosier, blue-hued light will make your space look ultra modern, and coloured lights will inject a sense of fun. These can be placed anywhere outside which makes this style of lighting really versatile.

Some of our favourites this year are the Garden Trading Festoon Lights and the Smart Garden Alphabet Lights.










Smart Lighting

Placement of your lights can also be an important factor in creating the best outside space. Lining your driveway, a garden path, or illuminating your favourite tree not only adds an element of safety but can also transform the particular area from a dull to an eye-catching space. LED or solar light are particularly effective for this and will add an attractive glow. Adding these types of lights will make your outdoor space feel bigger, and a well-lit environment is always more inviting. Upright lights which stand in the ground are easy to place so you can choose the exact spot to illuminate.



Spotlights are also ideal if you are wanting to illuminate a feature, such as a line of trees or shrubs. This solar one from Smart Garden is perfect for this as it can be positioned and tilted to the preferred position.


Adding outdoor lighting is a really effective way of creating a lovely ambience outside so your space can be used all hours of the day all year round.

Not sure which type of lighting to buy? Head to our outdoor light buying guide on our website where you will find useful tips and further detail on the types of lights available.



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