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Rhondda Netball Celebration Evening

Recently our Managing Director Emma had the pleasure of attending the Rhondda Netball Celebration Evening to present two lucky players with the Gerald Leeke and Emma Leeke awards.

Rhondda Netball is a charity that was founded in 2016 in Rhondda Cynon Taf with the aim to improve female equality and opportunities in one of the UK's most deprived areas. The charity's main objectives are:

  • Fighting gender equality & creating opportunities for women and girls
  • Improving physical wellness and encouraging active lifestyles
  • Tackling social isolation and supporting emotional well-being
  • Building a strong sense of belief and confidence
  • Create an "I can" culture that encourages girls to work hard and dream big.

In just 3 years nearly 600 women and girls are involved in the charity and benefit from the scheme. Here at Leekes, we take pride in supporting the local community and are proud to be the main sponsor of this amazing charity.

On the night there were 2 awards to present and Emma was delighted to award Amelia Curtis with The Gerald Leeke Award.

"...this girl's story is quite incredible, and when Lawrie, Jody & Jess told me about the grit, determination, hard work and perseverance she's displayed over the course of this year, after being diagnosed with diabetes last September, I knew straight away she would be a worthy winner. She has demonstrated many of the same resolute characteristics my Dad did when he first joined the family business in 1966, choosing to focus on the positives and the potential rather than the obstacles. Her drive already has her playing a year above her age group and if she continues to show the same qualities and perseverance over the coming years, life is sure to reward her with her success".


Congratulations Amelia!

The second worthy winner of the night was Lydia Roberts who was awarded The Emma Leeke award by Emma herself.

"When tasked with identifying a winner, we wanted to honour someone who has shown real leadership potential and displayed resourcefulness in dealing with challenges...From the very beginning of Rhondda Netball, she stood out, not necessarily by what she said but bu her on-court ability. But when she tore her ACL  in the second year of the charity's existence, she was thrust into a difficult moment. It would have been easy for her to quit...she chose, however, to knuckle down and fight for the right to get back out there. Not only has she re-established herself as a star player in her age group, but she will also become one of the Community Coaches & Role Models next year. Whatever the future holds for this girl as a player, my hope is that she will realise the potential that is inside of her from a leadership perspective, and that she will grow the confidence to inspire and lead others".


Well done Lydia!

Well done to everyone at Rhondda Netball with what you have achieved so far, Leekes is proud to sponsor this charity and wish everyone the best of luck for their future games. What an inspirational evening!



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