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Seasonal Bites - October

With autumn now in full swing, it's time to experiment with some seasonal delicacies in your cooking. Make way for hearty root vegetables such as squashes and pumpkins and be inspired by our handy list of delicious seasonal produce.


Pears – Like apples, pears come in many different varieties. Their fine, slightly granular flesh is more fragile than that of an apple and unlike most fruit, pears improve in flavour and texture after they’re picked. Enjoy raw as a snack or as an accompaniment to a cheeseboard. Alternatively poach, roast, grill or pan-fry for a delicious dessert.

Cranberries – A tart berry, cranberries are high in vitamins C and D, potassium and iron and are believed to be a natural remedy for some health conditions such as water infections. Enjoy as a sauce, pudding or juice.


Pumpkins – Often associated with Halloween, pumpkins have a sweet flesh and are a great source of fibre. Cut into chunks and bake, roast or boil, use to make rich velvety soups or sprinkle into hearty autumnal stews. See our Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup Recipe for inspiration.

Celeriac – With a subtle celery-like flavour and nutty overtones, try celeriac as a mash or use to flavour some slow cooked dishes.

Sweet potatoes – traditionally baked, roasted or mashed, sweet potatoes have a creamy texture with a sweet flavour that makes them ideal for savoury dishes. Rich in fibre, vitamins A, C and B6 they’re an excellent source of carbohydrates.


Goose – Packed with flavor, goose is known to have rich, densely-textured meat. Its high fat content is mostly under the skin, meaning that during cooking the fat will melt so be sure to baste your goose in order to keep it juicy.


Oysters – They might not look like much from the outside but oysters are considered to be a luxury food. The flesh of oysters is wonderfully succulent and is also delicately flavoured. Usually enjoyed raw, oysters should be eaten just after they’ve been opened.

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