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Simple ways to become eco-friendly

Eco-living is becoming more and more popular with people becoming aware and more engaged with the needs of our planet. Making a conscious effort to lead a more sustainable lifestyle can have a real impact on reducing the effects of climate change and species extinction. There are so many ways you can change your lifestyle, from changing the way we eat, to changing the way we buy and every smaller change in between. In light of the recent Earth Day event on April 22nd, which is held each year to raise awareness of the environmental issues we are facing, we have created a small list of ways you can do your bit to help save the planet.


Everybody has heard of reduce, reuse, recycle, and this is still as important as ever. We know that sorting out your rubbish and working out what is recyclable and what isn't can be a time-consuming task. To make this easier, we suggest using a recycling bin. While this won't sort out your rubbish for you, it will make separating it out easier.

Simplehuman have a range of household bins which feature a separate compartment for recyclable products. This 46litre bin is the perfect example of this. Having the two compartments in the bin will not only make recycling easier, but it will also make it more likely that you do recycle.


Recycling doesn't just have to be about sorting out your rubbish. Buying products made from recycled materials is also beneficial to the environment. There are many products available nowadays which are made from recycled goods. Here at Leekes we particularly love the recycled glass ranges from Pacific Lifestyle. These will look fabulous as ornamental pieces throughout your home. Buying recycled glass products can help reduce the strain on the manufacturing industry as the energy used to make the product is less than making the glass from scratch.












Reducing the amount of plastic we use also plays a huge part in living a more sustainable lifestyle. One significant way you can do this is by reducing the amount of single-use plastic bottles and switching to reusable bottles. The Built Hydration water bottle is perfect for keeping your drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 6 when you're out and about. By using a multiple-use drinking bottle, you will be able to significantly reduce the amount of plastic you, or your household uses.


This can also be achieved at home by switching to using glass bottles for water storage. The Garden Trading version is ideal to keep tap water, either for everyday use or for when you are entertaining. This will also reduce the amount of large plastic bottles you have to buy. Of course, there are many other ways you can reduce the amount of single-use plastic you use such as using your own storage jars for food, and not using plastic cutlery or straws. Small and simple changes like this are sure to go a long way and in the long run, it will also save you money.


Using energy efficient lightbulbs is another way to be more eco in your own home. It is proven that switching to an energy efficient lightbulb can reduce your CO2 emissions by half. While they may be more expensive to buy as a one-off, they will undoubtedly save you money over time. This is a super easy way to become more eco-friendly as once you've bought them you don't need to think about them. At Leekes we have a large range of LED light fittings and light bulbs to help you achieve this. Head on over to our lighting page to find the right one for you.

Earth Day 2019 had a focus on helping animals and protecting species. Planting various types of plants and flowers, as well as planting trees in your own garden can help protect endangered species such as bees and offer protection for many types of animals. Not only does this help species thrive, but your garden will also look pretty good too. This simple act can have a huge positive impact on your local wildlife and ecosystem.

These small adjustments to lead a more eco-based lifestyle are easy for anyone to adopt and once you start you will see all the other ways in which your lifestyle and habits can be tweaked to live a more sustainable life. Even by starting small you can have a positive impact on your surrounding world.



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