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Sleep Tight This Summer

With recent high temperatures, getting a comfortable night’s sleep may feel like a thing of the past. But even with the short summer nights, getting your recommended eight hours is crucial to a great day. We have come up with some ingenious and helpful tips to make sure your sleep stays undisturbed during the heatwave.

As we head into the warmer months, it is common to prepare your summer duvet. But changing other aspects of your bedroom can ensure that you are getting a great nights sleep, no matter the weather. Try swapping your pillows for our Casa Cooling pillows. These luxurious, hotel quality pillows feature a specially formulated cover that absorbs heat to keep you cool throughout the night. Ideal for back and side sleepers or anyone who loves a cool pillow, this is the perfect way to keep your body temperature regulated throughout these warm summer nights as well as keeping your spine aligned and in the best sleeping position.


If the heat isn’t the only thing keeping you up at night it may be time to consider updating your bed. The Sleepeezee Cooler Ultima bed smartly reacts to pressure and offers targeted support which helps support and align your spine while you sleep, whereas the pressure-sensitive StayCool™ gel layer features a revolutionary cool-touch to keep you cool all night long.

Sleepeezee Bed - backwards


Having a blissful bedroom is an important part of a great night’s sleep. Creating a relaxing retreat will help you to feel calm and collected to promote a natural drift off. If you struggle to nod off at night ensure your room is free from bright colours and bold patterns which can cause distractions. Instead, you should opt for a simplistic bedding such as  The Appletree Meadow Lands duvet set.

Meadow Lands


For a superior sleeping environment invest in an air purifier and fan. The Dyson Pure Cool Tower Purifier is perfect for not only cooling but cleaning the air of an entire room. The advanced technology captures 99.95% of air pollutants and allergens before projecting purified air back into your room. The night-time and draught free modes ensure that your room is kept cool and clean all night, without disturbing your slumber.



With all this in mind, you should have no problems drifting off to sleep, no matter the temperature.

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