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Swinging our way back to the sixties, with Orla Kiely 🌻

We are both proud and privileged to feature Orla Kiely in a number of our stores. Although a lot of our everyday style is inspired by our flower power loving friends of the sixties they have however been updated to a more modern contemporary style. What we love about Orla Kiely is her style keeps a classic and nostalgic element of 60's design which takes us straight back to bellbottoms and Beatlemania. Orla Kiely described by the guardian as 'Queen of Prints'  is internationally renowned for her retro prints and her love for expressive pattern.

OK_Fern Multi

With 2020 being a very competitive year for interior design Orla Kiely's designs are a superb way of bringing personality and colour to your living space guaranteed to help make your home memorable and welcoming with a fun blast from the past. Statement walls are prominent in interior design with floral print sitting at the forefront of this years interior trend. By partnering your contemporary walls with Orla Kiely's botanical palette you transform your home to a quirky creative haven. With a wide variety of products including pillows, duvet sets, curtains and furniture this allows you establish the volume of colour and pattern you want to achieve in your household.


 Whether you are a renter or a homeowner Orla Kiely's designs allow you to create impact without drastically changing the room itself, whether it be a bold set of cushions or a vibrant foot stool you can create the perfect happy medium of bold yet sophisticated which is the perfect solution when wanting to add a colour to your home. Another trend taking 2020 by storm is patterns...patterns and more patterns. It's about getting the perfect balance of clash and polished designs, which can be difficult to achieve but when presented with taste is undoubtedly charmingly delightful. This trend is about not necessarily picking the obvious and combining and layering prints and patterns that are not the obvious choice and ultimately being pleasantly surprised by the outcome, the rules are...there are no rules. This challenging combination can be made super easy with Kiely's collection with the particular and unique colour combinations of the patterns creating the perfect balance of clash whilst also being easy to feature in a stylishly designed space.

clashing orla

Orla Kiely's collections does of course revive our inner hippy and our Rolling Stones loving selves with it's retro inspiration, but we love that Kiely's patterns and prints can compliment and re-energise a very modern and contemporary space without being too loud and overpowering. We do feel as though this collection does in fact sell itself, so why not come on down to a Leekes store near you and take a trip down memory lane and see for yourself how wonderful Orla Kiely's designs really are? With a wide variety of Cushions, duvets and furniture we are sure you won't walk away empty handed!

Orla Kiely's collection features in all Leekes stores. Custom made blinds are available in Bilston, Melksham, Llantrisant and Cross Hands
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