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The Perfect Cheeseboard

Cheese boards are perfect for festive entertaining. Not only are they delicious and impressive, they are also incredibly easy to put together. So make sure you serve up the perfect cheeseboard for all your friends and family to indulge in. The main principle is to not overthink it.

1. Pick a Board
Make sure the colours of everything you pile on your board really pop by using a dark board like the Slate Cheese Board.  Let your guests help themselves to cut however much (or little) cheese they want with the Wooden Cheese Serving Set complete with three cheese knives and a cheese fork.




2. Serving the Cheese
To improve the flavours, make sure you take the cheeses out of the fridge an hour before serving to allow them to come up to room temperature.
It's essential that you buy bigger pieces of cheese as they store much better than smaller cuts. Avoid slicing anything before it goes on the board and place cheese knives, like the perfectly displayed Artesa 5 Piece Cheese Knife Set instead to allow your guests to help themselves.

3. Selection of Cheese
There should be four or five cheeses on the board, any more and it’s too much for the palate to savour. Make sure your choices include a combination of styles, textures and flavours such as; cheddar, stilton and brie as this classic mix ensures that you’ve got hard, soft and blue on your board. Wow your guests and use the Camembert Baker which is the perfect choice for serving your soft-ripened cheeses. To add more flavour and fragrance to your cheese, pop a clove of garlic or a sprig of fresh rosemary before cooking.498199_l









4. The Right Assortment
To build a killer board, make sure you have an assortment of cheeses, crackers, meats and fruit in order to get that right balance of sweet and savoury. A great biscuit, cracker or artisan bread can beautifully complement the cheese, as can fresh fruit, chutneys and dried fruit. Add lots of other nibbles around your board to leave your guests feeling spoilt for choice. Offer some olives and a scatter of some roasted nuts for extra crunch in the Lsa trio dish.

5. Drinks?
Wash down your cheese board with a glass (or three) of wine. A sweeter wine works particularly well with blue cheese, but a heavy white wine is a fantastic all-rounder as it has a great flavour that won’t dominate your palate. At Leekes, we know that presentation is important, so invest in the best wine glasses to enjoy your bottles in. Try the Lsa Edge Red Wine Glass in Rose Gold or Portmeirion Holly & Ivy Wine Glass to add an unconventional and festive twist.

Fancy trying something a little different? This Christmas, why not skip the wine for mulled cider?

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