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The year we fight back 💪💚

Leekes are joining the rest of the world in the fightback of the climate war, and we hope you can join us. Help the environment from home, it's easier than you think! for blog Don't feel discouraged or overwhelmed by the environmental issues we are facing in 2020. Let's help the environment together. We have decided as a company to stop selling bags for life in a bid to help reduce plastic waste... but we need your help. As an alternative, why not grab a friendly member of staff to help you carry your purchases to your car. Don't be afraid to request a large box to help carry your items or purchase our brand new Leekes hessian bags and remember to bring them along the next time you pop into our store or any store!   It does not have to stop there. Little changes that do not have to impact your lifestyle will impact the environment. Here is a list of things to try that will not only help the environment but it could help you save pennies.

Check your thermostats!

A lot of us have our thermostats set at unnecessary temperatures. Wrap up and grab some blankets and cuddle up on the sofa in the winter months and have the thermostats a little lower that normal. Make a conscious effort to keep the hot water to a minimum, and get yourself a smart thermostat to keep an eye on excess use. I am almost certain your wallets will be pleasantly surprised.

Switch your bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs, or LED bulbs.

LED lights use up to a staggering 90% less energy and are significantly cheaper in your home and in the shops.  LED bulbs last longer, again reducing the outgoing expenses. With the awareness of the environment evergrowing and the number of people joining the fight for our planet increasing by the day the prices of LED are decreasing.
Check out our unique range of LED lights and bulbs here.


Turn off lights and electronic devices when you're not using them.

Something so simple yet so effective. However, it is just making that conscious effort to cut that bad habit.

Fix water leaks in the bathroom, kitchen, landscaping, etc.

It is so easy to get distracted by our busy schedules the sooner you get that leak fixed the better! The longer you leave the leak the worse for the environment and the more money you quite literally throw down the drain.

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