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Utilising your garden space

Are you uninspired by your garden? Do you have a lot of wasted space or not sure how to make the most of smaller areas? Fret no more as we have come up with a number of ways of how you can transform your outdoor space with function and style.


One of the most simple ways to make the most of your garden is to look at the layout. Adding zones will add interest and a natural flow to your garden. This is possible regardless of how big or small your garden is.

  • Adding a curved pathway will break up a vast section of grass and will draw add a sense of discovery to the whole garden
  • Creating corners and borders using plants, shrubs and trees will add structure as well as adding vibrant colours and textures

You may think creating a patio or decking area will take precious space away from your garden but it can, in fact, make your garden more usable and actually add to the amount of space you can use.

Seating Options


Adding seating areas not only makes your outdoor space useable but also makes your garden look more inviting. If you have plenty of space you can include a dining set or a lounge set which can be used all day long and for whatever function. If you are working with a more compact area we suggest using foldable furniture which can be packed away when not in use. This also gives your space a double use. Your furniture can act as one of your zones and help to break up space.

For something more extravagant try adding a log cabin or summer house. These will feel like an extension of your home and you can decorate however you wish. Adding a dining set or small lounge set will allow you to use your garden all year round.


Visual Appeal


The most simple way to add visual appeal is to add border plants and flower beds.

Alongside walkways, you can add grasses, bushes or shrubs which will beautifully line the path and really show off the zoning. Flower beds are where you can bring vibrant colours to your garden. Add a selection of plants that grow all year round as well as those that grow seasonally. This will ensure your garden constantly look vibrant. For a real aesthetic look, you can add pebbles and succulents to your flower bed to bring extra interest and textures.

Flowers aren't the only way to add visual appeal. Using sculptures or water features will create a real statement in your garden and add a tranquil ambience.

If you have a smaller garden try adding outdoor mirrors. These can be placed on walls or fences, or even near plants. The mirror will create an illusion of more space whilst brightening up your space.



Think Vertical

Your outdoor space isn't just confined to the square footage. Using the garden walls or fences to show off plants or accessories will make your space feel more homely as well as allowing you to declutter the floor.

There are many ways you can use your garden wall:

  • adding a trellis will help climbing plants and will add a nice soft texture to the wall
  • using hanging pots and plants. You can hang as many or as few as you like and create a pattern of plants. You can turn your wall into a plant artwork.

This is especially useful for smaller spaces. This clever spacing idea will mean you don't have to give up having lovely colourful plants in favour of furniture and storage.


Heat source


To make sure you can use your garden all hours of the day, invest in outdoor heating. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is ideal. This will create a lovely warm ambience in the evenings that will draw people around. You can also invest in outdoor heaters which can be positioned around seating or dining areas.

Apply these tips to your outdoor space and you will create a haven which you will never want to leave.



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