Cath Kidston

Famed for their modern take on vintage classics, including their popular floral prints and eclectic country house style, Cath Kidston create quintessentially British accessories to brighten up any home.

Growing up provided Cath with all the ingredients she needed to create her now world-famous brand, she was continuously inspired by the colours, prints and fabrics of her childhood home. At 18, Cath moved toLondonto begin her career and was soon offered the opportunity to work with Nicky Haslam, where she began her training in interior design. Cath soon recognised that a more laid back approach to decorating was emerging and she felt confident that a combination of old and new prints would resonate with people, it was here that ‘modern vintage’, the concept behind the brand, was born.

Setting up her first shop nearHollandPark, Cath used vintage fabrics finds to create her own products including cushion covers, cotton bags and ironing board covers as well as colourfully customising household products. Everything she made was practical, fit for purpose, cheery and fun, an aesthetic that remains at the core of everything Cath Kidston design and create.

The brand soon became recognised for its signature prints with florals, spots, stars and a design featuring her dog Stanley soon becoming part of the Cath Kidston DNA. As the brand continued to expand, collections were designed seasonally and launched twice a year. They soon expanded beyondLondon, opening their first shop inBathin 2005 followed by host of other stores popping up in towns and cities across theUKand expanding to other parts of the world.

As the desire for Cath Kidston products has grown the collections have expanded into full lifestyle offerings including accessories, homeware, laundry, womenswear and childrenswear. Every product epitomises Cath’s vision for creating pieces that are practical and useful whilst also being colourful, cheery and evoking a sense of nostalgia. Browse our extensive selection of Cath Kidston home accessories at Leekes and start your collection today!

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9 Item(s)

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