Joseph Joseph

Founded in 2003 by twin brothers Richard and Anthony Joseph, the brand is now internationally recognised for producing some of the most aesthetically pleasing and technically innovative products available in the highly competitive kitchenware market.

The Joseph Joseph story began back in 1930, during which time the brothers’ grandfather owned and operated a successful decorative glass company. Their father carried on the family tradition, diversifying their products and branching out to sell popular glass chopping boards decorated with rustic illustrations.

Ultimately, tastes changed with the times and demand for this type of product declined. The Joseph brothers joined the business to help revive its fortunes. Combining their retrospective experience from backgrounds in both product design and business, their contemporary creations gained immediate popularity, providing a solid platform from which to extend the brand.

Their colourful, current kitchenware has lead them to become internationally recognised for producing some of the most inspirational pieces available on the market today. Their playful sense of style and colour transform everyday tasks into something that is a pleasure to perform.

Quickly gaining an enviable reputation for originality, their unique ability to match form and function in perfect harmony has earned them global recognition for their multi-award winning designs. Their comprehensive range demonstrates the ability of the brand whilst helping you to prepare your meals with less fuss and mess.

From utensils and chopping boards to knives, food preparation and tableware, Joseph Joseph’s extensive selection of products offer something to brighten up any kitchen or dining table. Joseph Joseph products aren’t just cooking and dining essentials, they are kitchen icons to be displayed with pride on your work surfaces. 

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9 Item(s)

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