Newgate Clocks is owned and run by Jim and Chloe Read. They pride themselves on being a British company through and through.

Specialising in the creation of iconic alarm clocks, travel alarm clocks, mantel clocks and impressively oversized wall clocks, Newgate’s designs are heavily influenced by classic, vintage and retro designs of the past. By adding a touch of modernism to everything they create, you can guarantee that a Newgate clock will be extremely versatile, fitting perfectly into both traditional and contemporary style homes to complement and enhance your exiting décor.

 Jim has always had a fascination for clocks and a passion for great design allowing him to create products of beauty, quality and practicality. The couple’s life is dominated by design, in their travel and interests, love ofLondon,New YorkandHong Kong, in their own home and in Newgate’s head quarters.

In their desire to be green and their passion for the economical, the couple decided that rather than building a new warehouse and offices they were only too happy to refurbish something old. Finding a disused Laura Ashley factory, the couple took great joy in breathing life back into the old building, rescuing the 1940’s desks and office furniture to create a stylish and unique workplace.

New design facilities allow their team of talented designers to produce some of the world’s most unusual collections of decorative timepieces. Always keeping their finger on the pulse, Newgate ensure they always stay one step ahead of the industry. Although their creations take on much of the flavour of vintage clocks, it is the interpretation of these designs for modern day living that gives Newgate Clocks its unique place in the market.

Newgate’s determination to create clocks of outstanding appeal has helped them to become a globally recognised brand with a fan base including TV celebrities, super models, movie stars and famous hotels and restaurants who all take pride in adorning their walls with the unique pieces Newgate creates. Newgate provide fashionable décor with an emphasis on quality, browse our selection of Newgate wall clocks and enhance your interior today.  

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3 Item(s)

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