Chocoholic Freakshake

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our chocoholic freakshake! Whipped cream, chocolate brownies, chocolate biscuits, nutella and some chocolate sprinkles - what's not to like? Try our freakshake today!

Chocoholic Freakshake

Make your own Freakshake with a little help from Leekes!

The freakshake is the ideal indulgence to enjoy with friends and family as you see in the Autumn months. Have some fun together whipping up your recipe from the comfort of your own kitchen, then sit back, relax and slurp away!

All you need is a large dollop of icecream to help create your milkshake base, lashings of chocolate sauce and stack those sweet treats as high as you dare!

To decorate the cup:

Drizzle chocolate sauce around the inside of your Kilner jar before spreading nutella around the rim. Roll the rim in mini chocolate balls for a little bit of extra crunch!

Make the milkshake:

Using your Smart Bullet/Kitchenaid blender, blend together chocolate ice cream, milk, single cream and chocolate sauce. Once blended and smooth, simply pour the milkshake mixture into your Kilner jar.

Top it off:

When it comes to a freakshake - the toppings will make this delicious dessert drink your own. Pile it high with whipped cream, chocolate brownie, chocolate biscuits, a dollop of nutella and some chocolate sprinkles for good measure!

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