Garden Furniture Buying Guide

Your garden is an extension of your home, so why not give it the attention it deserves? Make the most of the good weather by using your outdoor space to relax and dine with friends and family. As the focal point of your outdoor space, your garden furniture needs to reflect your personal taste and style. At Leekes, we understand that finding the perfect garden furniture to complement your gardens aesthetic can be a little daunting, so we have compiled some helpful tips and hints to consider to help ease you into making that all important purchase.

Things to Consider

How will the garden furniture be used?

Who will be using your garden furniture and for what purpose? Are you going to be eating al fresco and so looking for a dining set? Or are you more likely to be relaxing and lounging, and so might prefer the comfort of a sofa or armchair? By understanding how you'll be enjoying outdoor living, you'll get a better sense of what kind of seating and tables you need, as well as numbers.

How much space is available?

This is such an important aspect to consider before making the investment. Do you have a large garden with lots of room? Or a small balcony to work with? Whatever size outdoor space you have, we will have a fantastic option to suit you. It's vital at this stage to get a sense of the free space you have to work with to avoid purchasing something that doesn't fit properly.

Can the garden furniture be stored?

Where are you going to store your furniture once it’s not in use? Does your garden have enough space to keep furniture outside all year round? If your garden is smaller, you can cut down on clutter by having a shed or garden storage. If you are able to store outside all year round we have a great range of garden furniture weatherproof covers available.

How much maintenance does it require?

It’s important to consider how different materials results in some furniture requiring more work than others. In order to be able to enjoy your furniture for years to come, it’s essential that you take note of this element and you’re aware of how much maintenance certain furniture needs. Throughout this page we have information to help you with this.

Material Matters

The material is an important factor in the decision making process. Consider what will suit your garden and the space available for the set to be used all year round.

Cast Aluminium

Style Guide

Dining Sets
Dining Sets

The dining sets have a higher table and are great for those who want to entertain and dine outdoors. These sets come with chairs and are often available with luxuriously thick cushions, so although you are sat up right throughout the day, it’s still comfortable. If you are limited for space, a smaller bistro set can also be used for dining. At Leekes we also offer a number of bar style sets to offer a more modern aesthetic to your outdoor space.

Lounge Sets
Lounge Sets

Lounge sets are known for the ‘corner sofas’ with added relaxation. The lower tables are more casual than a dining set but they are not too low that it restricts you and your loved ones from gathering and eating. The sets are the new take on outdoor living and create a living room inspired atmosphere in the garden.

Firepit and Grilling Sets
Firepit & Grilling Sets

Perfect for party hosting, firepit and grilling sets can often be turned into ice buckets once the eating is done which makes it the perfect accompaniment for after dinner drinks. If you have family and friends around, firepit sets can be used as a heating source to keep everyone warm from morning to night.

Benches and Loungers
Benches & Loungers

This season sees a resurgence of benches, loungers and other standalone pieces of garden furniture. New designs in bamboo and metal finishes offer a modern take on the traditional wooden garden bench and deck chairs and floor cushions offer an alternative to traditional loungers. At Leekes we offer both modern and traditional styles so you are sure to find the perfect item to complete your outdoor space.

Extra Bits & Pieces


Stay protected whilst enjoying the sunshine with a parasol. This year, some of our parasols feature a crank and tilt feature which expertly enables the parasol to tilt both forward and backwards to help block out the sun, and with one simple crank; you can open and close the parasol with ease. Although parasols usually come as part of the sets, but if you’re looking to update your existing one, we have some which can be purchased separately.


We offer a great range of cantilevers which are great for the larger lounge sets where there’s no specific centre to the table. When closed, they are neat and compact but when they are up, they offer great functionality. We also have some new cantilevers which offer integrated atmospheric lighting systems, which are great for then you want to entertain guests.

Pergolas and Gazebos
Pergolas & Gazebos

As the gradual change in ‘outdoor living’ becomes more prominent, the upcoming trend is to create a room environment in the garden. With this in mind, we have introduced a numerous range of Pergolas to Leekes this year. There’s a hexagonal pergola for those with circular tables, as well as large and small rectangular and square pergolas. These are also ideal for covering over an outdoor spa area.

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