Glassware Buying Guide

Glassware is something that is often overlooked, but nothing feels better than serving prosecco in a long flute and sipping Manhattan’s from a Martini glass. If you aren’t sure where to start then we here at Leekes are here to help with our glassware buying guide

Material Matters


Crystal glasses are heavy and durable. These glasses are of a higher quality and are therefore more expensive making them perfect for dinners and occasions.


Soda glasses are usually inexpensive and are therefore ideal for everyday use. These practical glasses are often available in a range of colours, shapes and sizes and are usually dishwasher safe.

Lead Crystal

Lead crystal glasses are the heaviest and clearest glasses on the marketing, which offer superior shine and sparkle making them the perfect companion formal dinners.

Hand Blown

Each piece of glassware that is blown by hand will be completely unique, offering a range of textures and finishes. Hand blown glasses are ideal for special occasions.

What's Your Poison?


Red Wine Glass

Red wine glasses are large and rounded with a long stem providing the wine plenty of room to breathe, amplifying flavours.

White Wine Glass

White wine glasses offer a narrow mouth to keep content chilled for longer and retains aromas.

Rosé Wine Glass

Rose glasses compromise of a short bowl and tapered lip directing wine directly onto the tip of the tongue where taste buds are most sensitive to sweet flavours.

Champagne Glass
Champagne / Prosecco

Champagne flutes are tall and narrow to maximise bubbles of champagne and sparkling wines. Or for a contemporary and elegant twist try a champagne saucer.

Spirits & Liqueurs

Liqueur Glass

Liqueur glasses are short stemmed with a rounded body designed to be cupped in the hand for warming the content, creating a richer flavour therefore are ideal for serving brandy and sherry.

Tumbler Glass

With flat bottoms and a wide mouth, tumbler glasses are easily adaptable and can be used for small cocktails or for drinks ‘on-the-rocks’.

Hi Ball Glass
Hi Ball

Often also referred to as long drink or mixer glasses, this glassware is perfect for water or juices at the dinner table as well as mixers or long cocktails.

Shot Glass

Used for drinking high alcoholic content which is usually intense in flavour, therefore are small for fast drinking. Shot glasses can also be used for measuring when creating cocktails.


Martini Glass

This iconic cocktail glass offers a large stem to prevent the content being warmed in the hand and a wide mouth places the drink directly below the nose making this the ideal glass for fragrant cocktails.

Hurricane Glass
Hurricane Glass

Typically used to serve mixed drinks, the Hurricane vase originated in a bar in New Orleans. You may be familiar with this glass shape if a Pina Colada or Blue Hawaii is your cocktail of choice. It is shaped similarly to a vase or hurricane lamp and is typically wider than a hi ball glass.

Gin Balloon Glass
Gin Balloon

The gin balloon glass is designed with a wide bowl to trap the delicate aromas of the gin and enhance the scent and flavour. The bowl shape also stops the ice cubes from melting as quickly so they keep the drink cool without overly diluting. The scent is 80% of the taste when it comes to gin, making this glass a must have for any gin connoisseur.

Margarita Glass
Margarita Glass

The glass eponymous with the cocktail itself is a stepped-diameter variant of a standard cocktail (martini glass) or a champagne saucer. The large, wide bowl allows plenty of room for ice so your margarita can be enjoyed ice cold. The wide rim also allows for an extra garnish of salt or sugar to enhance the drink inside the glass.

Beers & Lagers

Tankard Glass

Tankards such as German steins are heavier and often include a handle of easy lifting. Larger than most standard beer glasses, tankards are usually used for heavier ales that are drank in larger volume.

Lager Glass

Lager glasses are tall and slender with a head that balloons out slightly, designed to guide fizz to a thick head.

Continental Glass

Continental glasses are shorted with an enlarged bulbous body, which is often supported by a stem. These smaller glasses are ideal for flavourful Belgian beers which are generally stronger and fizzer as the shape allows flavours and aromas to develop similarly to wine glasses.

The Pint Glass
The Pint Glass

A traditional British pint glass, also commonly referred to as an Imperial or Nonic glass, is shaped much like the American pint glass, but has a slight lip near the top. Easy to clean and stackable these glasses are perfect for a beer enthusiast.

Caring for your Glassware

Caring for Glassware

Once you have carefully considered what glasses are right for you, you will want them to remain looking their best.

For this ensure that they are looked after and cared for correctly:

Hand wash glasses one at a time in warm soapy water (hot temperatures can damage glass so be careful not to overheat). After washing rinse in warm water to remove any soap residue and dry with a lint-free cloth when still warm for a streak free shine every time.

Always check the manufacturers instructions as to if your glasses are dishwasher safe. If they are still be sure to use a low temperature and a mild detergent

Keep the rim of the glass clean and chip-free by storing the right way up and never stacking.

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