How to Inject Colour into your Kitchen

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Colourful kitchens are as stylish and popular as they have ever been, so don’t be disheartened by the amass of monochromatic or neutral toned kitchens available on the market. There are a fantastic range of colourful options available too that will inspire you to inject bold and bright tones to your kitchen. This can be done in a tasteful way to ensure the look stays fresh and relevant in years to come.

Kitchen Doors and Units
Create interest and contrast with bright kitchen doors and units featured against more muted and natural toned units. This is a more subtle way of injecting colour without overwhelming the overall kitchen space. If you really want to create more of a statement, why not spread the colour right around the room.

Another great approach is to opt for units that have been adorned in bright, intricate patterns as this will add a whimsical aesthetic to your kitchen space. However, it is a good idea to be mindful and limit eccentric patterns and motifs to a single area of the kitchen as this creates a focal point which tends to be easier on the eye. Pairing two complementary colours and creating a two-toned look on overhead units and different doors will introduce colours in an effective way whilst avoiding a look that’s too busy.

The technique of contrasting worktops is a popular technique as it creates an effective result that can be effectively applied to all styles of kitchen. Avoid complicating the approach and simply decide whether you want the body of the unit or the worktop itself to attain a bright and bold shade that complements and contrasts. This ensures you will get the very best out of your colour choice. It’s a good idea to consider beforehand the different combinations that particularly complement each other. For example, deep wood shades create a delicious contrasting finish with rich ember tones such as reds and burnt oranges. Whereas a crisp, white worktop will tie in perfectly with ocean blue units and other softer, pastel tones.

Tiles and flooring
Create an impact and choose flooring that works well with the rest of your kitchens aesthetic. A great starting point is to focus on a particular part of the room you’d like to draw the eye, with the hob, oven and splash back being attractive choices. Once you’ve chosen a spot, you can decide a design and size.

Sporadically inject little hints of your chosen colour palettes throughout your entire kitchen to add the ultimate finishing touch. For example, matching exposed pots and pans with small appliances can subtly elevate the accents without overwhelming the entire space. To add an extra layer of interest, consider displaying artwork, plants and flowers and even cookbooks to bring the entire colour scheme together in a subtle way.

Whatever colour scheme you love, at Leekes, we can provide a wide range of kitchen units and displays that will suit your tastes. Why not browse our kitchen ranges or book your free design appointment today.

LeekesHow to Inject Colour into your Kitchen

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