Kitchen Lighting for Christmas Gatherings

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Pinch punch first of the month. Can you believe it’s already December? With Christmas just around the corner, the kitchen area will be particularly busy with many of you hosting friends and family for the big day on the 25th.

Create ambience and atmosphere in your kitchen with LED lighting that will set the scene for such the occasion. Before deciding where to place LED lighting, it is important to select the correct colour temperature. In a traditionally styled kitchen, ‘warm white’ LED lighting is best, whereas ‘cool white’ lighting complements kitchens that attain a more contemporary feel. Strategically placing mood lighting around your kitchen will help to achieve the calm and relaxed feel that every social gathering should have.

Colour changing flexible strip lighting allows you to alter the colour depending on the mood you want to create. To enhance the atmosphere, why not position the strips along kitchen plinths as this highlights the kitchen flooring and brings the whole room to life. To strengthen a focal point, consider placing strip lighting under a worktop to expertly showcase any drinks and canapes on offer for guests to have a nibble.

If your kitchen cabinets incorporate glass fronts, you can use this advantage to draw attention to the special glassware and crockery to wow your guests. A ‘warm white’ LED lighting placed directly inside the cabinetry will ideally emphasise the features, whereas ‘cool white’ LED spotlights will emit the same effect if your kitchen features shelving.

Drawer lighting is a functional convenience which should be added to your kitchen for ultimate ease of use. Long gone are the days where you spend valuable cooking and socialising time rummaging through drawers just to find that particular piece of cutlery. LED drawer lights provide extra illumination where additional light is often sought.

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LeekesKitchen Lighting for Christmas Gatherings

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