Cooking is going to be the main activity in your fitted kitchen so you need to make sure that you have the appliances that do the best job for you! Depending on your kitchen design you may prefer freestanding cooking  appliance, like a range cooker that will really make a statement or alternatively, built-in kitchen appliances provide a sleek overall look.

From ovens, to cookers, to hobs, to microwaves Leekes offers a full range of appliances to suit every kitchen,with a lowest price guarantee*.



As one of the most used appliances in the kitchen, Leekes’ selection of ovens are designed with efficiency, ease and daily use in mind whilst adding style and charm to the kitchen. With a range of gas and electric freestanding and integrated ovens, single built-in ovens, double built-in ovens, double built-under ovens and compact ovens from leading brands including; Neff, Siemens, Bosch, Smeg and AEG you are guaranteed to purchase a quality oven with long lasting satisfaction.

Ovens offer practical solutions like cool-touch doors and control panels, double-glazed, heat-reflective oven doors, programmable electric timers, catalytic liners, touch control, push-pull knobs and Neff Slide&Hide® doors and FlexiRail®.

Single ovens can be an ideal choice if space in your kitchen is tight as they are able to fit in many locations whether it’s in an eye-level cabinet or under a counter whilst still being powerful enough to cook, bake and grill. Double ovens allow you to use different cooking functions at the same time from grilling, to de-frosting to baking. Built-under ovens are approximately 90cm tall and offer the same flexibility of having two functioning ovens without taking up the space. Compact ovens are the ultimate space-savers at just 45cm tall whilst having the same width and depth as a single oven.


The cooker sits within the heart of the kitchen and comes in different types with many different features to assist in every day cooking to get the most out of every dish. Cookers come in various configurations and this may be gas, electric or dual fuel so the power supply within the home needs to be checked first. LPG conversion kits are also available for selected models, so be sure to ask in store for more information.

You have a number of options when it comes to hob types on range cookers. These are; induction, gas and ceramic. Standard widths of these appliances are 90cm, 100cm and 110cm.

Freestanding range cookers are a great option if you don’t want built-in units and integrated ovens. Range cookers aren’t just for traditional farmhouses or cottages. There are a number of modern designs available as well as some bold colour options. Most range cookers also have a matching cooker hood available so you can be sure to continue a colour theme to complete your look.

Offering top brands including; Stoves, Rangemaster, Belling and Smeg, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Leekes.


A powerful cooking hood above the hob not only eliminates all cooking smells in your kitchen, it also makes a stunning focal point. Leekes’ highly efficient range of cooker hoods dispel odours and filter the air to guarantee an odour-free kitchen with innovative technology to reduce noise. Whether you are looking for an island, built-in, wall-mounted or integrated extractor hood, Leekes offers a great range in different colours, finishes and functionality from top brands including; Elica, Neff, Caple and AEG.

Built-in hoods can save valuable space as well as providing a stylish, effective way of keeping your kitchen fresh. Canopy hoods are designed to fit snugly under an overhead canopy kitchen unit, discreetly saving valuable space.  For the ultimate space savers, telescopic hoods pull out of the wall when you need them and still provide efficient extraction and re-circulation. Or if you prefer a sleek finish to your kitchen, integrated hoods look like they are part of the furniture.

Alternatively, your extractor hood can make a real statement with many designs combining steel and glass in contemporary architectural looks – the cooker hood adds as much style as it does functionality to your kitchen.


The hob is a key appliance to your kitchen. Our range of hobs offer top of the range features that enhance your cooking such as wok burners, teppanyaki griddles, fish kettle burners and dual heat zones. Hob type can dictate the cookware used and so heat source is a very important consideration when making your decision.

Gas hobs are the most common type of hob in the UK due to their responsiveness and versatility that allows you to control and vary the strength of each gas flame intuitively.When working to a tighter budget, electric hobs are a great choice, easy to clean and quick to heat up with the option of varied heat zones and power levels.

Induction hobs bring you precise and instant control with energy-efficient cooking. Induction technology operates using an electromagnet beneath the glass of the hob creating a powerful field which heats the pan directly without heating the cooking surface, so although more expensive to buy and requiring suitable cookware, the induction hob is more efficient to run. Popular within modern kitchens, ceramic hobs may be gas, electric or induction and the touch glass surface adds a sleek finish.



Steam cooking is great for fish and vegetable dishes, ensuring foods keep their vitamins and minerals. Neff offer both compact steam and full steam oven options.


A great way of adding some design flair to your new kitchen. Designer cooker hoods offer a practical and stylish element to your new kitchen.


The AEG vacuum drawer lets you apply the professional sous vide cooking method at home, perfectly sealing in flavour, moisture and nutrients.


Enhance your lifestyle with the Siemens and Bosch Home Connect feature. You can also link with other smart home appliances such as your Amazon Echo.