Imagine a world where functional doesn’t mean boring, where outstanding becomes the standard and where you are no longer pressed for time. Welcome to the new world of Siemens.



Clarity inform and function, sleek in design, intuitive in operation. Siemens ovens allow you to cook with all your senses. Designed to cut down your work and expand your cooking options, they open up new possibilities

Siemens activeClean – Enjoy preparing food without worrying about the consequences. No matter how creative it gets in the oven interior, you no longer need any chemical treatments to get it clean again – only the push of a button. Hassle-free, the oven cleans itself thoroughly with activeClean. It does so by heating up to very high temperatures – turning all residues in to ash, which can easily be wiped away. This process is called pyrolysis and is the most convenient and efficient way to clean the whole interior of your oven.


Ask about Siemens flexInduction – A hob that fits in with your lifestyle, flexInduction is no-compromise cooking at its best. Siemens flexInduction hobs are a must for diverse cooking. The cooking area can be tailored to your needs, enabling you to use a small area as traditional induction hobs with four or five separate zones, for boiling rice, for example, or you can choose to link the zones together to form one zone for larger cooking pans. The new extended cooking surface can accommodate pans of any size, even several pans placed anywhere on the surface at the same time. With all the advantages of induction cooking, flexInduction also includes boost settings, automatic pan recognition and touchSlider controls.

Siemens also offer, gas and ceramic hob options.


With modern styling and innovative functions, Siemens microwaves not only look captivating in the modern kitchen, they also come with intelligent options for precise cooking. In some models, the lines between microwave and oven blur. Microwaves with an integrated quartz grill evenly brown a wide range of dishes. The Siemens microwave oven bakes, cooks and grills, but also defrosts

varioSpeed – Twice as fast in combination: by choosing the integrated microwave function with a conventional cooking option, you can speed up the preparation of your dishes when you need to – without compromising on the quality you would expect. Save up to 50% of your time, to give you the freedom when you require it.


With the distinctive Siemens design using glass and chrome lines, our ventilation systems create a design statement that seamlessly harmonizes with other Siemens appliances. Whether wall-mounted, hung over an island, integrated into a hob or hidden in the counter, our range of ventilation systems gives you creative freedom. All Siemens cooker hoods provide a powerful performance.

The Siemens hood range is equipped with the energy-saving, powerful yet quiet and durable iQDrive motor, capable of handling smoke and grease in the most challenging cooking situations. Specially designed to last longer, the motor comes with a 10-year motor guarantee and a 5-year parts and labour guarantee.


Cook with steam, bake and roast with hot air, or do both with Siemens steam ovens . The innovative combination of steam and hot air makes them ideal not only for meat, fish and vegetables, but also for bread, cake and roasts. Siemens steam ovens are the healthy alternative to conventional ovens.


With the innovative warming drawers from Siemens you can preheat your crockery, keep dishes warm or use them even for gentle cooking. The vacuum drawer lets you vacuum-seal food for sous-vide cooking. All drawers can be installed separately or in combination with your Siemens oven.

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