We decided to completely gut our kitchen and re-configure the layout. After much legwork we found our dream kitchen in Leekes in Melksham and began a close relationship with Helen, the kitchen designer. We had a team in to block up a doorway and open up a space between the kitchen and dining room as we wanted to have one interactive space to cook and eat. To add as much light as possible we changed the windows and doors, all undertaken with Leekes. We were pleased to support a local company and are delighted and proud of the end result. Steff, our kitchen fitter, is a gem and an outstanding expert in his field with a wonderful disposition and ‘can do’ attitude for which we were grateful on multiple throughout the project. Helen was with us all the way and we are super happy with how she interacted with us and that she always respected and deeply listened to our individual needs.

Liz Mason
LeekesLiz Mason