Shake Things up with a Shaker Kitchen


Explore the many advantages of having a Shaker kitchen in your home. This simplistic but effective design can be applied to both units and doors so you can tansform the heart of your home into that timeless Shaker style.

Shaker kitchens provide great durability and they are built to last, which make them withstand moisture build up as well as the usual spills that often occur in the kitchen.

The origins of Shaker kitchens can be traced back to the late 18th Century, where the Shakers were excellent craftsmen and produced furniture that were simplistic in style from imported mahogany. This mantra of quality craftsmanship, with simple styling and delicious hints of muted hues, has stood the test of time as the Shaker design continues to be adapted in homes across the world.

Shaker kitchens offer a modern feel through their minimalist style, doors and cabinets. At Leekes, we especially love how Shaker kitchens still maintain a glimpse into a more traditional time although still possessing a contemporary aesthetic. The key is to find that natural essence through wooden furniture that is unembellished and free-standing.

There are an array of options you can pick from to decorate your Shaker kitchen, no matter your budget. An important aspect of a Shaker kitchen is the simplicity in its colour scheme, so stick to muted palettes and avoid heavy patterns as they contradict the clean style that a Shaker kitchen should portray.

The best colours to use in a Shaker kitchen are cream, pale grey and blue or any primary colour that is muted. To add more depth, try a dual colour scheme and apply onto units, furniture or walls.

Remember that you do not have to spend as much money on Shaker designs as opposed to other materials and designs. This being the prime reason why Shaker designs are so popular as they provide a great aesthetic to your kitchen, but they offer excellent value for money as they fit into most budgets too.

At Leekes, we have a wide range of Shaker designs and colour schemes that can be applied to modernise and give your kitchen the perfect finishing. With their affordability and longevity, a Shaker design will be a significant addition to your whole home.

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LeekesShake Things up with a Shaker Kitchen

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  • Melanie Golding - 12th January 2019 reply

    About 11 years ago we had a Magnet shaker cream kitchen fitted. The cupbard doors and drawers of the floor level units have started to split so we need to replace them. Unfortunately Magnet have changed the height of their doors so we need to find a different supplier- is this something you can help us with? The height of the doors is 565mm, and would need to match the higher level doors which don’t need replacing. The raised bit of the shaker doors is 55mm, do you offer something similar?
    Many thanks

    Leekes - 3rd January 2020 reply

    Hi Melanie, thank you for your enquiry. Please fill out an online enquiry form and a kitchen designer will come back to you with what options are available.

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