Retractable Insect Screens

We offer high quality insect screens suitable for doors and a window screen which is also ideal for conservatory windows and roof vents.
Retractable insect screens are perfect for:
• Protecting food preparation and eating areas
• Child safety: protecting children’s rooms from unwanted pests
• Pet safety: deterring your pets from escaping open windows
• Evening ventilation: preventing unwanted pests drawn by the light
Open all your doors and windows and enjoy a home free from insect irritation.
The noise, the bites, the mess!… keep summer’s unwelcome flying visitors firmly at bay; relax and let the cool, fresh air into your home with our range of retractable insect screens designed to discreetly blend into a door frame or window. The ClearVu mesh means that the insect screens provide protection from insects whilst not interfering with your view outside.
Retractable Insect Screens are available from Appeal@Leekes. Your local Product Advisor will help you choose the perfect size and specification. Your insect screen will then be made to your individual specifications and, following final quality checks, fitted perfectly by our expert installers.

Contact Appeal@Leekes to receive a free colour brochure and to arrange a free, no obligation design consultation.

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