Sofas and Chairs

Sofas and chairs are the centerpieces of your living room. They represent an investment and will probably accompany your daily life for several years. The choice is therefore crucial, but can also be difficult. Fabric or leather? 2 Seater, corner or sofa bed? We will take you through the good questions to ask yourself before buying these essential pieces of furniture.

Sofa Types

Main Function of your Sofa

In order to choose the model that will meet your expectations, it is first necessary to ask what are your needs and desires. Here are the essential elements that will allow you to determine it.

An Additional Sofa

If you already have a sofa and would like to add another one, you would rather opt for a small sofa or chair, so as not to clutter your living room and allow easy flow for all.

Guests for The Night

Think about a sofa bed if you regularly have guests staying over. If this situation does not apply here, choose a 'normal' sofa that will be more comfortable to sit on..

Separating a Large Living Space

To distinguish two different functions of a single large room, such as a living room and a dining room, you could choose a corner sofa that, thanks to its L shape, will allow you to separate the roon and define the spaces.

For the Entire Family? Children & Pets?

Depending on the composition of your home, and the presence of potential sources of problems for your sofa, you will want resistant materials, practical shapes and sizes. Otherwise, do not hesitate to indulge in your aesthetic pleasures.

Back Pain

In case of chronic discomfort, we advise you to choose a model with a relaxation function, a particular form of seat or backrest like recliner chairs and Stressless chairs for example, adapting to your morphology.

Size and Shape

Sofas are imposing furniture. To choose it well, it is necessary to be able to estimate, and anticipate the space it will need, according to your preferred layout.

Small Living Room
Small Living Room

In a small living room, 2 seater sofas and chairs should be your preferred options since you have a restricted living space.

Large Open Space
Large Open Space

In a large open space, a corner sofa or a family model with 4 or 5 seats may be more suitable.


Consider its position in your living room: facing the television, you will prefer comfortable and softer models, or recliner sofas to extend your legs.


Take your other living room furniture into account to evaluate the available space you have, but also to match the style.

Fabric or Leather?

The choice of upholstery for your sofa will be as much a matter of taste as of lifestyle. Aesthetics will of course be important, but you will also need to take into account the practical aspect.


Leather has many other advantages than its aesthetic side. No dust, animal hair or acarids hanging out. It does not retain the smell of cooking or cigarettes. Thanks to its elasticity, it is resistant to tearing, but not to cat claws unfortunately. It is a "living" product that evolves over time, improves even with age, which is made to last a long time. The disadvantages: there is not really any! The price can be a very important brake, which is why we offer beautiful leather sofas at unbeatable prices.


We mainly find fabric sofas on the market, which are very popular because cheaper, and because they allow to choose from hundreds of colours and patterns (stripes, dots, ...). But now, fabric is delicate and easily shows dirt: it attracts dust, discolours over time, stains and bad smells could get encrusted in the fibres. Depending on your budget, you can choose the most efficient fabrics and check that they meet the most demanding standards. The fabric can be treated against stains, parasites and moths. For smaller budgets, it is better to opt for sofas with removable covers, easier to maintain.

How to Choose your Chair

The choice of a chair is primarily determined by your tastes and preferred styles. Then comes the use it will have, whether your chair will be used daily or whether it will be an extra or backup option in your living room. This last point will allow you to picture more clearly the shape and the degree of comfort of your chair:

How to choose your chair
How to choose your chair - Key

You can of course choose your chair according to your sofa to stay in the same style. Most of our armchairs have matching sofas but you are free to opt for opposed style. For example, you could imagine a contemporary sofa, combined with a retro-inspired chair, or vice versa.

What About Accessories?

What about accessories

When choosing your sofa, you should keep in mind the accessories that will be added to it. Throws, cushions, ottomans, all these elements must be in harmony with your new sofa to make your living room a space perfectly dedicated to relaxation. If you want to opt for a contemporary and design style, choose a simple sofa with refined lines, without overloading it. If you like the bohemian chic trend, do not hesitate to enrich your sofa with cushions and blankets that will give it a great cwtching note!

Care Guide


A fabric sofa can be dusted regularly with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush. It can be washed twice a year with a liquid shampoo or dry foam (we advise you to first try on a small corner of the sofa).


A leather sofa should be dusted regularly with a smooth cloth. We advise you to clean it every six months with saddle soap or a cleansing and nourishing cream for leather.

Tips To Remove Stains

Tips to remove stains
  • Alcohols and Wines: Dab with a cloth soaked in 1/2 water + 1/2 alcohol.
  • Butter and Fat: Apply baby powder, leave for 4 hours then brush gently. Repeat the process if necessary.
  • Mud: Let it dry, then brush gently. Wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Coffee and Tea: Dab with a cloth moistened with 1/2 water + 1/2 alcohol.
  • Chewing Gum: Harden with an ice cube put in a plastic bag, then remove the gum.
  • Waxing: Dab with a cloth soaked in mineral spirits.
  • Smoke: Wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Milk and Urine: Dab with a cloth soaked in 28 ml of ammonia water.
  • Fresh Blood: Dab with a cloth soaked in white vinegar.
  • Sugar: Dab with a cloth soaked in 9/10 water + 1/10 alcohol.
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