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Leekes offers an extensive range of kitchen paints formulated to cope with the daily assault of a busy kitchen as well as add to the aesthetics of the room. With an almost limitless choice of kitchen paint colours from top brands including Dulux, Crown and Farrow & Ball, you can achieve the look you want from fresh whites that complement all kitchens, to timeless muted pastels to bold bright hues suited to a modern high-tech design.

Choosing the right paint and colour is an essential part to completing the room as the correct colour choices can create space and accentuate design features and that’s why our kitchen design team is always on hand to help with every little decision. Kitchen paints are specific to to the aggressive conditions that they are subjected to: condensation, detergents, high temperatures. They have specific properties designed especially for the walls and ceilings of these rooms!

Different types of painted kitchens

Different Types of Painted Kitchens


Painting is a relatively easy way to revitalise your kitchen. With a few tricks and clever use of colour, you can transform the space of your kitchen and create the illusion that it’s a lot larger than it is. So it is important to consider what you are hoping to achieve before you choose your paint. Remember that specialist paint emulsions are available for kitchens which provide a tougher surface that’s easier to clean away any food stains. These emulsions are also tolerant to a build up of condensation.

Example finish options

Shade name First Dawn
First Dawn
Shade name Dusted Fondant
Dusted Fondant
Shade name Fresh Stem
Fresh Stem
Shade name Mulberry Burst
Mulberry Burst
Shade name Teal Tension
Teal Tension
Shade name Raspberry Diva
Raspberry Diva


If your kitchen walls are adorned with tiles, you may want to consider painting your units to either complement or playfully contrast the rest of your kitchens aesthetics. Painting old cupboards and cabinets is also an affordable and quick way to update old units. Ensure all surfaces are prepped and primed before you begin, and check that all cabinets are functioning and not warped.

Example finish options

Shade name Austin Clay
Austin Clay
Shade name Cooks Blue
Cooks Blue
Shade name Platinum
Shade name Aubergine
Shade name Ivory
Shade name Chalk White
Chalk White

Painted finishes

Oil Based

Oil based

Considered the best choice due to its durability, oil based and water based paints are the most popular choice for residential use.



Don’t underestimate the sleek finish acrylic paints can add to your kitchen, especially when the formula consists of 100% acrylic as they offer a great durability and adhesion in comparison to vinyl acrylic paints.



Alkyd paints work especially well when you’re opting for that flawless finish, as their formula attain adhesion abilities and excellent flow. This means that the look of roller or brush marks are less prominent.



Fast drying and affordable, latex paints are typically thinned with water to attain an oil or watercolour painting finish. Latex paints are easy to clean once the surface becomes dirty.

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