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Kitchen colours

With the right colour, the busiest room in your home can easily turn into a distinctive space that spells the mood of the entire house. Our kitchen colour schemes go from subtle to over the top, from soothing all the way to upbeat and from delicate to cheerful.

White is the all-time popular kitchen colour and if that’s on your mind, our range of white kitchens has plenty of show-stopping styles and finishes to choose from. But if you want to keep your chromatic options open, we’ve got you covered with subtle neutrals, soothing green kitchens, bold kitchen colour designs like aubergine, timeless black kitchens and much more. If you’re not afraid to show off your personality with quirky chromatic choices, our vibrant kitchen colour scheme ideas will bring the whole room to life.

Add the right dose of character to your cooking space with these gorgeous kitchen colour designs.

Find the perfect kitchen colour design for your home

Casa kitchen in green colour scheme with matching splash back and wood worktops

Green kitchens

Be inspired by nature with a green kitchen. Ideal for adding subtle colour to your kitchen whilst keeping a neutral pallet green kitchens are the perfect medium for coloured kitchens.

Sheraton Abbey kitchen in Indigo and sky blue colour scheme.

Blue kitchens

With an almost endless shade selection, the possibilities are endless with a blue kitchen. Navy kitchens remain a huge interior trend, but there is more to a blue kitchen than meets the eye.

Laura Ashley Rosedale white kitchen

White kitchens

The classic white has plenty of surprises in store. Such a timeless kitchen colour manages to be both sleek and inviting. So if you’re after a clean and bright design, this popular kitchen colour is for you.

Rotpunkt umbra marble kitchen with island

Black kitchens

There is definitely something magical about black kitchens. Refined and striking, these kitchen colour schemes are not afraid to venture into the dark side to come up with bold modern spaces. Black might just be the way to go.

Infinita contour kitchen in handleless design, cobble grey

Grey kitchens

The versatile grey will make a kitchen stand out whichever one of its myriad of gradients you choose. There are subtle grey hues for sophisticated looks and dramatic darker varieties for a bold finish.

Cream kitchen with island

Cream kitchens

Our cream kitchens bring out the best neutral colours to make your cooking space one of the brightest and most inviting parts of the house. Whether you are after a soothing kitchen or a good background shade for a few pops of colour, cream is the way to go.

Kitchen colour design tips

Go bold

If your home boasts a big kitchen, bold is the way to go. Play with bright and vibrant kitchen colour designs to bring out the best in large spaces.

Be subtle

Bold colours can sometimes feel overpowering in a confined space which is why smaller kitchens benefit from subtler hues like whites and creams. Add a glossy finish to bounce the light around and create the illusion of space.

Use highlights

Use pops of colour strategically to add accent pieces in the room. A statement green island or a few grey cupboards in a white kitchen can truly transform the room’s design.

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Steal the show with darker shades like anthracite, deep grey or black. These timeless hues are now among the most popular kitchen colours. Go all in or balance them out with lighter shades.

Match these kitchen colour scheme ideas with your favourite kitchen styles and kitchen finishes for a space that looks and feels perfect for both cooking and family get-togethers. And if there is a particular kitchen brand that ticks all the boxes for you, explore the top names in our range.

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