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Tiles & flooring

Decorative wall and floor tiles are a versatile option to incorporate into your kitchen scheme. Materials including stone, ceramic, glass and porcelain are available in a variety of shapes, size and finishes offering a practical option whether you’re looking to cover a large surface area or create a feature. If you’re considering your colour options, start by deciding if you want a solid block of colour, tiles that feature colour variations or a flat or risen surface to the tile. A patterned tile can add interest by creating a unique focal point.

Try not to compromise on quality and remember to always purchase an additional 5 –10% more tiles than you actually need. This allows you to compensate for cuts and breakages and ensures you have the same batch and shade should you need additional tiles. If you’re looking for an alternative to tiles – especially if you’re connecting your kitchen and dining area – choose from a range of wood and luxury vinyl tile flooring in store. Available in a choice of styles, colours and textures, select from a variety of laying patterns for a high performance and low maintenance finish.

Tiles for your kitchen

Wall Tiles

Wall tiles

Wall tiles can help add texture and create the illusion of more space in your kitchen. This is particularly helpful if your kitchen is smaller.

Don’t be afraid to play around with size, colour and texture when it comes to border and feature tiles as they really add a personal finishing touch. This can be done by adding a decorative border tile to mark the end of wall tiling, whereas border tiling can be used to differentiate zones within the room. If you’re opting for a more sporadic design, then inset tiles will be the perfect option as they create a focal point.

Example finish options

Saturno Nero
Floor Tiles

Floor tiles

A great alternative to laminate flooring or solid wood, floor tiles are the perfect choice when you want to clean your floor with ease as just a sweep or a vacuum cleaner will do the job. Floor tiles are the perfect option for busy families that require a flooring solution with very little maintenance.

Consider the style and size of tile you’re looking for and explore the infinite number of ways they can be assembled and placed together. This allows you to get creative and add that personal touch to your kitchen.

Example finish options

Lattice – blue
Lattice – black

Flooring for your kitchen


When it comes to kitchens, it’s easy to overlook flooring when you’re busy thinking about different units and appliances, but your kitchen floor deserves careful thought as it is likely to be the largest surface area in the room.

Known for its durability and low maintenance qualities, vinyl flooring is made from PVC and expertly finished with a layer of vinyl core which makes it such a versatile product as it’s practical and water resistant. Vinyl floors are available in both sheet forms or as individual tiles that are available in a range of different finishes from stone, ceramic, wood and slate.

Example finish options

Brown ash
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