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8 top trends in kitchen design for 2020

Posted by Leekes on September 26, 2022 in Kitchens and Lifestyle Advice

The kitchen is often the focal point of the home, it’s the place that’s used to cook food, entertain friends and family and use as a social hub. Are you looking to update your kitchen but falling a little short on inspiration and ideas? To get you started on making your dream kitchen into a reality, join us as we look at the top kitchen trends for 2020.

Kitchen Trends

Black kitchens

Back to Black

2018 and 2019 saw many kitchen designs championing the deep navy colour trend, but 2020 will see black becoming the new neutral in a big way. Don’t let the colour intimidate you as black brings a luxurious touch of elegance to your kitchen space. Why not embrace the darker colour palette by adding splashes of tones in warm chestnut, rich browns, shades of grey and metallic finishes to tie everything together?

Metal shelving

Metal Shelving

While open shelving that exposes your kitchenware and accessories may not be for everyone, metal shelves will become a popular trend for kitchen design in 2020. This trend is perfect for modern kitchens that wish to attain an industrial and rustic aesthetic. Metal shelves are perfect for kitchen spaces that sit on the smaller scale as they offer reams of additional storage.

Linear Lighting

Linear Lighting

Lighting can set the mood and create the perfect atmosphere in your kitchen  when you’re dining and entertaining. So it’s no surprise that fitting the right lighting is instrumental when adding those finishing touches to your kitchen. Linear lighting options are fresh, seamless and modern. They inject a dose of vintage to your kitchen making them perfect for homes that want to create a contemporary vibe.


Bright Stoves

The solid trend of bold and bright stoves is perfect if your kitchen is lacking in colour and you want to inject that important feature that will really make your whole space pop. Not only will this key look create a focal point, but it will act as a starting point to inspire you to keep building your kitchens whole aesthetic. Why not incorporate accessories and small appliances in matching colours to create a unified look?

Mixture of Materials

We’ve seen the absence of kitchens with white-painted cabinets in the recent years, and 2020 will welcome the revival of natural and wooden finishes. This industrial trend will comprise of natural stains shown on textures like oak, walnut and maple. Try combining a mixture of materials, such as granite, quartz and timber, to produce a tactile finish to your kitchen.


Stunning Splashbacks

Practical as well as decorative, get creative with splashbacks and adapt them so they match the rest of your kitchen design. Colour choices are endless and 2020 will champion the change in size and portion of splashbacks as larger slabs in marble, quartz, glass, wood and stainless steel finishes are becoming increasingly popular.

Walls of Storage

Kitchen walls can be used as the perfect storage solution to showcase your crockery and accessories. This practical and decorative solution allows you to inject a visual and personal touch to your kitchen space. Open plan storage ideas add that contemporary finish to your kitchen which makes them ideal for modern kitchen settings especially.


Statement Sinks

The trend of statement sinks will continue to reign in 2020 with sink designed with intricate details, stunning metallics and hammered finishes adorning kitchens. Feature taps are the perfect accompaniment too especially with the rise in popularity of tap technology, so why not combine both to be ahead of the curve and create a unique finish?

We hope you’re left feeling inspired. What trends do you love? Comment below and tell us your favourite. Stay tuned for more trend forecasts from Leekes.

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