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NEFF Slide & Hide Oven

Posted by Leekes on September 26, 2022 in Kitchens and Lifestyle Advice

Improve your cooking and save time cleaning with the NEFF Slide & Hide oven. Packed full of great features such as self cleaning, CircoTherm® and more – this oven is designed for busy families!

The NEFF Slide & Hide oven comes complete with 12 heating methods, including CircoTherm® – a method which lowers your energy consumption and can help cook your food quickly and safely.  To make life easier, this oven is self cleaning, as it expertly burns off any deposits due to high heat.  You can have peace of mind with this oven, which turns itself off if it is accidentally left on. So, this oven is perfect for extremely busy homes where you’re constantly on the go. This way, you can run your daily errands without worrying about your dinner once you get home.

The Slide&Hide® is expertly designed to allow you unrestricted access in the oven interior. This allows easy handling due to the rotating handle which makes it the perfect oven for busy kitchens.

NEFF B57cr22n0b Slide and Hide Oven, Stainless Steel

B57cr22n0b NEFF Slide and Hide Oven closed
NEFF oven open
Slide and Hide oven with tray
close up of NEFF oven tray

Thankfully the Slide and Hide Oven features a built in rotating handle which caters for easy handling. So, this creates an unrestricted access in the oven which makes placing and removing dishes an easy task. Great for busy homes that are constantly on the go, the oven is finished with built in dual cleaning options which will make life easier. The Easy Clean feature is the quick and easy option for your daily maintenance. Whereas the Pyrolytic feature is perfect following heavy use as you just let the oven interior clean itself.

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