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How to Get Your Kitchen Christmas Ready

Posted by Leekes on September 26, 2022 in Kitchens and Lifestyle Advice

With just over a month to go before the big day, many of us are already preparing. As we spend the weeks leading up to the 25th sitting around the Christmas tree or relaxing with a rink or two in the living room, ultimately getting your kitchen Christmas ready takes the brunt at this time of year.

It is important to consider how ready your kitchen is for Christmas. Especially if you’re having people around for the big day. Avoid over stressing and wondering how everyone is going to somehow fit around the table for Christmas dinner this year. Simply, by following our top tips.

De-clutter to get your kitchen Christmas ready

Somehow, an array of items and appliances always end up finding a little home on our worktops. Although this is okay for anytime of the year, Christmas is definitely an exception. Avoid juggling roast ingredients by decluttering and organising your worktop well ahead of time. Place anything that is not going to be needed away as this will create space for you to prepare your turkey and all of its trimmings.

Get your kitchen Christmas ready

Prep your oven and cook your Christmas Turkey effortlessly

Give your oven a thorough clean before the big day as this will eliminate any burnt residue left in your oven. A handy tip is to create a baking soda and white vinegar solution and simply sprinkle it on the bottom of the oven. Allow a few minutes for the mixture to and then wipe it away with a soft sponge or cloth.

To keep Christmas dinner as stress free as possible by strategically creating a plan of action. This way, you can avoid careless mistakes that may arise on the day and such issues like finding space will be a thing of the past. Remember to pre-cook vegetables, roast potatoes and even the gravy ahead so you’re not left cooking everything on Christmas Day.

NEFF oven for Christmas
Get your oven Christmas day ready

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