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Carpets from Leekes


Transform the look of your room with a beautiful carpet from Leekes. From plain to patterned and twisted to woven, we offer a wide selection of carpets in a variety of designs and widths to suit every home. Our carpets deliver style, comfort and practicality while our expert team of flooring consultants can guide you through the selection, planning and installation process to find your perfect style and finish.


Features of our carpets


What our customers say

“The staff at Leekes proved to be professional, caring and understanding of our requirements right from our first approach. We would use Leekes again without hesitation. We found them to be competitive, understanding, professional and reliable.”

Mr Halling, West Wales


Types of carpet

Each type of carpet you consider will have a different kind of ‘barefoot feeling’. This can be improved further by the thickness of the underlay and the accessories you use. Twist carpets are durable and give a comfy and spring like feeling. Saxony carpets will feel deep, and luxurious and offer great underfoot comfort. Loop carpets can give you a flat smooth surface and can be resilient.


Twist pile carpet

Twist pile carpets are incredibly durable and are perfect for high-traffic areas like living rooms, hallways, and stairs. The carpet is made by tightly twisting the yarn. The short, dense pile of a twist carpet provides a firm 'barefoot feeling'. The fibres in a twist pile carpet are coarser and offer a relaxed look and the tufted ends add softness. With the benefit of densely packed fibres, the carpet is less prone to flatness and carpet lines won't be visible after vacuuming or when walked on. It's also very easy to maintain.

If you think twist pile carpet is the one for you, simply click the online form to book your free appointment with one of our experts in store.

Saxony carpet

If you're looking for a plush, sinking feeling under your toes, then a saxony carpet is the one for you. Saxony carpets offer unrivaled softness, the longer tufts of the yarn used to make up the deep pile and are loosely twisted at the base, the yarn is then cut at the top and separated. Available in a variety of finishes, including everything from smooth and opulent velvet to a rugged look.

If you're looking for a carpet to produce the popular vacuuming lines, then a saxony carpet is the one for you as the yarn reflects the light at different angles. Saxony carpets can be used anywhere in your home, however, due to the pile depth and softness they are more suited to living rooms and bedrooms as they add that extra bit of luxury.

Loop pile carpet

Loop pile carpets are made from natural fibres like wool or synthetic ones like polypropylene - some styles are woven from a mixture of both natural and synthetic fibres. Synthetic fibres are more hard-wearing than natural fibres and overall, loop pile carpets offer great value for money, durability and performance.  

Loop pile carpets are firm and so, the pile bounces back meaning that no track marks are left when you vacuum. The looped structure also means that spillages will sit on top, leaving enough time for you to clean up before it soaks into your carpet fibres.

Velvet carpet

If you're looking for low-maintenance luxury, then a velvet carpet may be the right choice for you. Velvet carpets offer the opulence of more luxurious carpets but are more durable due to the short, dense pile. Velvet carpets combine the traditional carpet making methods with a more modern, uniform cut pile. 

If you'd like to know more about the properties and benefits of velvet carpets, speak to an expert in one of your stores or book a free appointment online.


Leading brands at Leekes


Browse our extensive collection of carpets in your local Leekes store - which cover the breadth of the UK, from the West Midlands (Bilston) and the South West (Melksham and Swindon) to South and West Wales (Llantrisant, near Cardiff and Cross Hands, in Carmarthenshire). We source our carpets from the UK’s biggest carpet brands including Axminster Carpets, Brintons, Abingdon flooring and many more - meaning your carpets are designed, created and fitted meeting thorough industry quality standards every step of the process.