Lowest price guarantee - pricing policy

We take pride in the goods and services that we sell and ensure our suppliers only provide us with products of an appropriate quality standard.

We offer a price assurance to ensure that our customers can shop with us at the lowest available prices.

If you find a product on sale at a lower price with a local competitor, please inform one of our team members.

We will be happy to match that price subject to the following terms:

  • The comparative product must be exactly the same as the one we are offering. For example, the brand colour, model or specification.
  • The product must be offered on terms that are equivalent to ours. For example, the same payment method, guarantee, warranty and delivery charge.
  • The item must have the same availability i.e. either in stock or available for order.
  • We will only match a competitor's displayed price not a negotiated price or a special offer for specific customers such as store card holders.
  • The items must be offered in their original packaging and sold as new and in perfect condition.
  • The comparative competitor should be a retail outlet located within a 25-mile radius of our store.
  • We are unable to match prices offered by internet retailers or those offered by membership clubs. Similarly, we do not match prices offered at closing-down sales or duty-free shops that are not trading under similar conditions to those under which we operate.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw items from sale and refuse to match prices for special order products in instances where processing such orders at a reduced price would be uneconomic.
  • We offer an assurance that you will not find lower prices after you have committed to purchasing from Leekes.
  • We are committed to ensuring that our customers are pleased with their purchases. If you find the same product cheaper from a local retailer within 14 days of purchase, then we will gladly refund the difference.
  • The same terms apply as those detailed above. In addition, we require confirmation that the product was available from a competitor at a lower price on the same day that you made your purchase with us.
  • Our online store, https://www.leekes.co.uk, offers all of the benefits of shopping from Leekes from the comfort of your home.
  • Our products are priced identically in our stores and on our website and we endeavour to run the same promotions on the website as we do in store.
  • We do not offer an online price assurance because of the difficulty in identifying competitors who offer the same level of service and assurance to their customers.However, you can be assured that because our prices are matched with our retail outlets they remain highly competitive.
  • We aim to provide expertise at the point of sale and, where products require installation, provide details of approved independent installers.
  • We only price match for the supply of the products and not for any installation services.