Simplehuman pride themselves on creating everyday tools to help people become more efficient at home. Simplehuman know that daily life always has room for improvement, this basic thinking behind the brand allows them to create functional, everyday products to help make their customers more efficient in their day to day tasks throughout the home.

Simplehuman brands their products as tools for efficient living; they’re always simple, functional and built to last. They only develop products that they want to use themselves and their meticulous testing strategies ensure their products work correctly for years of steady use. From experimenting with pedal angles and heights to create the right balance and feel for their pedal bins to dishracks with uniquely angled trays and adjustable spouts to ensure water drains into the sink and not onto your countertop. Testing their creations religiously, you can be sure Simplehuman products work correctly for years of steady use.

Simplehuman are very proud of what they do, ensuring their extensive range of stylish essentials are highly functional and practical for the home, making life more efficient for their customers. Taking ordinary, utilitarian products, Simplehuman have the ability to improve them by adding new technology or simply refining a design to improve usability and practicality. Simplehuman are committed to the hours of rigorous testing it takes to create the high level of usability their products have to offer.

Their small but highly talented team has positioned the brand as a market leader in products for the home. Focussing purely on both design and customer service, Simplehuman offer their customers style and substance in the form of their extensive range of products that work to make your environment more hygienic and healthy. 

14 Item(s)

14 Item(s)

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