For over 65 years Smeg appliances have been widely regarded as tasteful and elegant products, effortlessly complimenting your mood and style. Founded by Vittorio Bertazzoni from Guastalla, a town near Reggio Emilia in northernItaly, today Smeg is one of the world’s leading home appliance manufacturers.

From large items such as their iconic freestanding fridges and freezers to smaller counter top appliances like toasters, kettles, stand mixers and coffee machines, you’ll find a wide selection of Smeg products at Leekes. Browse our selection online today for products that are not only practical and functional but that you’ll be proud to have on display in your kitchen.

With a stunning range of products on offer to bring pure style to your kitchen, their aesthetic design combined with innovative technology results in unique products that both look great and are highly functional. Since the beginning of the brand, Smeg has strived to create household appliances to adapt to our permanently changing lifestyle habits, making housework easier and less time consuming to ensure we can spend more time doing the things we really love.

Renowned for their constant innovation, Smeg have carved an incredible reputation for the design of their products and many of their 1950’s style kitchen products are instantly recognisable with the brand.  Combining their unique designs with outstanding cooking performance and utilising only the best materials to ensure durability, Smeg have become the number one choice for both creative home cooks and professional chefs alike.

Smeg’s know-how, creativity and style have evolved with them throughout their long history, characterising this Italian company’s commitment to bringing everyday products to life. Style, for Smeg, is a distinct concept; the way a product communicates with its surroundings and enables users to interact with it. Each product is created with strong attention to detail to ensure they take centre stage in the heart of the home, offering that true statement of expression and individuality. Knowing how to combine technology with style is the key for Smeg in creating products which become truly iconic.

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2 Item(s)

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